The Secret To Maintaining Copper Hair, According To Phoebe Dyvenor's Colourist

He uses this one affordable product.

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There’s no denying that copper hair is one of 2022’s biggest hair trends. We’ve seen the vibrant red hue on every major celebrity, from Kendall Jenner and Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney to Zendaya, Sophie Taylor, and Jorja Smith. In fact, #copperhair has over 100 million views on TikTok at the time of writing, while #copperhairstyle and #copperhaircolour has 111 million views and 124.5 million views respectively.

One celebrity that has proudly flown the strawberry blonde flag is none other than Bridgerton’s diamond, Phoebe Dyvenor, who recently gave her crimson locks a refresh just in time for spring. In an Instagram story re-shared by the Waterloo Road actor, hairstylist Syd Hayes posed with Dynevor as he gave the 26-year-old a new haircut, which is a far cry from her short, blonde fringe hairdo worn on the Netflix hit show.

The colourist behind her bold look is none other than Josh Wood Colour’s Master Creative Colourist Mads Sune Lund, whose clients also include Romeo Beckham and fashion stylist Harris Reed. He’s seen an uptick of requests for the celebrity-loved look and says that the trend shows no signs of slowing down. “After a couple of years having a hard time getting to salons, the need for people to be more expressive is surely coming back,” he tells Bustle. “And copper is a bit more high maintenance that isn’t easily achievable at home, so for some, it’s a way of showing that they are looking after themselves.”

Copper hair is notoriously difficult to maintain since it fades so easily because “red pigments are often a more diffused pigment that don’t hold to the hair as other dyes do. So it will fade more rapidly than a brown,” says Lund. So how do you keep the colour looking fresh? “A good foundation is key,” he continues. “Having dark coloured hair or very dry hair isn’t a good starting point for a healthy copper. But always see a stylist. A flawless copper isn’t created in the bathroom.”

For those looking for an at-home treatment to maintain their copper locks, Lund suggests using a good conditioning gloss to maintain the vibrancy. “I recommend Josh Wood Colour Copper Gloss and dpHUE Gloss+ Strawberry.”

But not all copper hues are created equal and shades vary depending on your skin tone, and finding the right undertone or adding warmth will help you achieve the best shade to match your complexion. “There are so many guidelines for copper/red but as the trend is growing, there are so many ways to bend the rules to create a true statement colour.”

However, Lund suggests that if you are looking to switch up your look from copper to another shade, you should proceed with caution. “Red fades differently on different people and it all depends on the density of the colour,” he explains. “But the sun, sea, and pool are never gentle on reds, so they would hopefully soon be a very good starting point.

“But you should always book a free consultation with your stylist to ensure that copper is the right option for you, or the best treatment to change your shade.”

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