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Rashida Jones Has A Genius Hack For Nailing The Perfect Cat Eye

The star shares her drugstore beauty staples and skin care routine.

Rashida Jones reveals her drugstore beauty favorites and go-to skin care products.
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Rashida Jones tells Bustle about her drugstore beauty faves and the Y2K-era makeup item she’s still using.

Rashida Jones knows what she likes in beauty, which is why she has her go-to look down pat. “I’ve really had the same aesthetic for my whole life, in a weird way,” she tells me over Zoom. “I’m very simple: I wear a tinted SPF moisturizer, a cream blush, a very thin cat eye, and lashes. That’s it.”

It’s also why the actor, director, writer, and producer is the queen of effortless bangs — when I ask for her styling secret, Jones admits she doesn’t have one... she’s just had them since she was 3 years old. “To be honest, this was a default look for me — it’s an easy way to make it seem like I did something when I really did nothing,” she laughs.

That’s not to say Jones, who’s recently partnered with Citi as it launches its Custom Cash Card, doesn’t have fun with her beauty routine — she’s just finessed it over time, and has figured out what plays well with her skin. “I can’t deny my age any longer, so my skin can’t be a test site,” she tells me. “I have to find my tried-and-true things that I know work for me. And I’m a firm believer that beauty starts on the inside, whether it’s your actual attitude and how you treat people to hydrating and eating well.”

The star particularly loves milking her low-maintenance beauty philosophy when she's behind the camera. “That’s precisely the reason why I do voice acting: You don’t have to do your hair or makeup,” Jones laughs. “Poor engineers... they’re getting the very rolled-out-of-bed version of me.”

It’s clear Jones takes a relaxed approach to her makeup and hair regimen. And to add further proof to that? She’s a drugstore beauty lover. “Beauty products at the drugstore are the ones that have stuck around for so long, and there’s a reason for that — they’re good and they work,” she tells Bustle. “At the end of the day, how are you going to do better than Maybelline mascara?”

As for the rest of her faves? Here are the skin care and makeup products in Jones’ beauty cabinet.

Her Drugstore Staple

“I’m attracted to that pink and green bottle. It’s my go-to for mascara. I tend to reach for the evergreen products. But somebody just mentioned Maybelline has a new one called Sky High so I might have to try that.”

Her Nostalgic Fave

“I like Juicy Tubes. You know, they’re back — it’s really exciting... it’s the ‘90s all over again. And you know what, they’ve done a slightly better job. They’re not as sticky [as they were back in the day] and they smell so, so good.”

Her Go-To Eyeliner

“I love Stila — they have a great marker-felt pen that’s really delicate and it’s pretty firm, and that to me is the trick. You don’t want a paintbrush — you want something that’s almost like a pencil that will help you keep that line straight. The trick is to create the angle first, and then you do your line as thin as possible over the lid, and then you meet up with that angle. Then you fill in where you bring the two points together. Alexa Chung has a really good tutorial on YouTube because she is the queen of the cat eye.”

Her Skin Care Essential

“True Botanicals’ Pure Radiance Oil is my favorite — it’s better than any other oil. It’s not greasy, it does not break you out — I put it on twice a day, I love it so much.”

Her Fave Beauty Device

“I love the ZIIP. You can kind of feel it going through your skin. It’s great for lymphatic drainage and it really just pulls all the kind of swollenness out of your face”