TikTok Swears By These 5 Sephora Shopping Hacks

Here’s how to upgrade your beauty hauls.

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All the best Sephora shopping hacks from TikTok.
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If you’re a beauty aficionado, it’s only natural to want to hoard all of the creamy eyeliners, blemish-busting serums, and glossy lip stains that garner cult status or five-star reviews. For many, you’re snagging your regimen staples from none other than Sephora. The beauty store always stocks the buzziest products and offers a top-tier loyalty program, after all — what’s not to love? Still, the savvy shopper is always on the lookout for the best-kept secrets when it comes to scoring deals and freebies.

To help find the most game-changing Sephora shopping hacks, Bustle combed TikTok for a handful of tips and tricks that may have sidestepped your radar. Find out how to make the most out of your Rouge rewards points, score more free samples than you ever realized you could, and more. The end game of each? Saving you money and increasing your beauty haul.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the store’s policies, promos, and circumstances change all the time, so note that these may not work forever. With that said, scroll on for five Sephora shopping hacks that you’ll be itching to try out yourself, courtesy of the incredibly savvy world of BeautyTok.

1. Rouge Rewards Points Are Worth More If You Let Them Add Up

It can be tempting to cash in those 500 points for $10 off or a free sample, but this TikTok user has a lesser-known secret for Rouge members: If you wait and let your points accumulate, you can exchange 2500 points for a $100 gift card that you can use both online and in stores. Just note that it’s only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, EST, according to other users.

2. Before You Check Out Online, Browse The Beauty Offers Section

If you’re shopping on the Sephora app, click the “Beauty Offers” tab (or scroll all the way to the bottom footer if you’re on the website) and you’ll find a ton of goodies you may have missed, from special promos to free skin care, makeup, and fragrance samples. You’ll need to make a minimum purchase to unlock some of them, though.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Samples In Store

Not sure if that concealer is worth the splurge? This Sephora employee promises that, if you ask, you can get unlimited samples of almost anything in the store as long as it fits into one of those teeny containers.

4. Save Those Points For The Digital Events

According to this TikTok user, if you’re signed up for email promos, you’ll get monthly invites for various Sephora digital events. For just 100 points, you can attend and walk away with loads of free samples and gifts — much more than you’d get if you just exchanged your points outright.

5. You Can Pick Up Your Birthday Gift At Any Time

Did you forget to hit up Sephora during your birthday month? No problem. One of the several helpful tidbits in this TikTok video is that you can get your free birthday gift at any time; it doesn’t have to actually be your birthday. #TheMoreYouKnow.

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