Here's Why You're Seeing #SpaNightRoutine All Over TikTok

It’s a self-care movement.

Chances are you’re well-versed in self-care essentials and know how to draw the perfect bath, give yourself a facial massage, and slather on a clay mask. But if you scroll through TikTok, you’ll notice there’s a new movement — dubbed #SpaNightRoutine — that calls for you to up the ante on your significant other’s self-care game.

The video-sharing app is currently flooded with TikToks of users treating not themselves, but their boyfriend/partner/roomie to some relaxing skin care TLC. Or, in some instances, it’s the opposite: The S.O. attempts a self-care beauty practice on his girlfriend. Typically, these #SpaNightRoutine videos — which currently have a casual 796.2 million views overall — begin by showing someone holding up a plethora of sheet mask or beauty product options followed by an array of fluffy headbands (to keep hair out of the skin treatment, of course) before showing the lucky person that’s getting an at-home spa sesh.

Once the facial begins, the girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/roomie — who’s normally tucked into a cozy spot on a couch or bed — is served up a platter of products. The classic #SpaNightRoutine recipe seems to consist of a sheet (or regular face) mask, a lip mask, and under-eye patches, with actual cucumber slices on top of the person’s eyes. As the mask does its thing, the beauty pro of the evening gives a little jade roller massage. Special instances go even further with a pedicure — bubbling footbath included — or brow plucking (that one doesn’t go over very well).

You know you’re watching one of these trending #SpaNightRoutine videos because, besides the now-viral hashtag, all are set to one song, and one song only: “You Got It” by Vedo. Seems like an odd choice until you realize he sings “get ya glow girl” in the chorus. And now the world has a self-care anthem.

Sure, the #SpaNightRoutine TikTok trend is fun and showcases the world’s undying love of face masks. But this is the sort of movement that shouldn’t ever fade away — IRL at least — because everyone deserves to have a luxe self-care practice.