13 Strawberry Tattoo Ideas That Are Irresistibly Cute

Fruit-themed body art, right this way.

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As permanent pieces of body art, many opt for tattoos that hold a special meaning. People often get tats in memory of pets or loved ones, of powerful quotes that have influenced them in some way, or matching ink with an S.O. While going with symbolic tats is always a great choice, it’s not your only route — getting tatted purely because you love a design is equally cool. In this scenario, you can think of your body as a canvas that showcases inked-on masterpieces that you find fun, artsy, or representative of your personality in a creative way.

One cute option you may have seen all over your social media feeds? Strawberry tattoos. The delicious fruit can be drawn in all different ways, whether it’s an adorable micro tat, a red outline, or a shaded piece of art. Using a strawberry as a base for a more intricate tattoo is also an option — think strawberry-topped cake or a floral and fruit combo. Whichever berry rendering you go with, strawberry-themed tats are undeniably adorable.

If you’re considering a fresh piece of food-inspired ink, Bustle has rounded up some irresistibly cute strawberry tattoo designs for your Pinterest board. Whether your strawberry ink carries a personal meaning or you simply like the fruit because of how cute it is, these darling tats are sure to inspire you.



Opt for a small and simple strawberry tat that’s heavy on the realism with shading and vibrant colors.


Cake Topper

If you’re looking for something more elaborate, you could go with something like this fruit and sprinkle-topped cake that’s equal parts whimsical and cute.


Strawberries & Flowers

Mimic a patch of strawberries by adding some leaves and flowers.



Not into color? Try out a minimalist black strawberry outline.


Red Outline

If you want your outline tattoo to have more of a pop, go with bright red ink.



This heart-shaped strawberry tat is definitely giving Strawberry Shortcake vibes.



This chocolate-dipped strawberry tattoo masterfully blends with a phrase written in cursive.



Pair strawberries with hearts for a tattoo like this one that’s extra sweet.



For a piece of body art that takes up more space, a design like this one — which pairs budding strawberries with florals — is totally gorgeous.


Puppy With Strawberry

Try to find a tattoo that’s more adorable than this one, I dare you.


Fruit Stack

You could pair a strawberry with other fruit that you love. This stack of colorful ink makes for an eye-catching arm tattoo.



You can’t go wrong with a realistically shaded red design. This one looks good enough to eat.



Instead of the whole fruit, you could opt for a halved strawberry that shows off its stripey insides.

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