The Kardashians' Makeup Artist Is Releasing This Extra Glitter Mask

by Alexa Tucker

When we all learned that makeup artist Joyce Bonelli was cooking up a cosmetics line for us earlier this summer, there were some pressing questions: Would she deliver the next cult-favorite highlighter? What would the foundation shade range be like? After all, considering that Bonelli is a longtime makeup artist and family friend of the Kardashian-Jenner krew, there's no doubt that her line, Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiqués, is going to be major.

And now, we have a look at just how extra her collection is going to get. Bonelli posted an Instagram showing off a Glitter Scrub Enzyme Mask, and it is the most blindingly brilliant face mask you've ever seen. It's the first hint we've gotten that Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiqués will extend beyond makeup and into skin care, too.

Even though Bonelli told The Cut in May that she was bored with the classic "Instagram makeup" look, she said nothing of Instagram masks. Which is good news, because how could you not want to show off every sparkle in this skin care treat?

She hasn't shared any more details on the mask's actual benefits yet, but honestly, it still might be worthwhile if it did zilch. Because look how pretty!

She's also rocking a super shiny pout product called Latex Lips (the violet shade's name is "Bring Me Money" — please and thank you).

It's worth noting that there's another incredible glitter mask that we'll be able to buy (hopefully) soon. Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino has also teased an amazing glitter mask on his Instagram.

But the Too Faced mask is apparently going to be pink while Bonelli's is silver, so obviously, we'll need both. (Two of each, while we're at it.)

It's safe to say that glitter face masks just might be the next big beauty trend on Instagram.

Sadly, though, we don't have a date to mark in our calendars for the Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiqués launch yet (although it should be sometime next year), and there's no word on price points or where to buy it yet, either.

But we're not totally in the dark about the products — Bonelli created a Sophia Loren-inspired look for Emily Ratajkowski at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, and she let Bustle in on some of her products that she used.

"To soften Emily's features and draw attention to her cheeks, I evened out her complexion with my new Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiquès H8R Shield Foundation...Then, to create the cheek contour, I used Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiquès blush in the shade 'Spank Me Cheeks' which I'm obsessed with," she told Bustle. "I finished with my Sitting Pretty 24/7 Highlight at top of her cheekbones, bridge of her nose and upper lip."

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She created another red carpet look for Ratajkowski, too. "For this darker, more sultry look I wanted to create a contrast by using a black cat-eye and darker, neutral lip against smooth bright skin...As the base, I used Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiquès H8R Shield Foundation and to create the long, dark liner wing I used my new favorite toy; the Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiquès Latex Liner in Blk," she told Bustle.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So let's take stock of what we know about: Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiqués will include the Glitter Scrub Enzyme Mask, Latex Lips, H8R Shield Foundation, blush, Sitting Pretty 24/7 Highlight, and Latex Liner. So basically, the sooner we can get our hands on all of this, the better.

Watch out, Kim and Kylie — the woman who surely provided some inspiration for KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics is getting in on the game now, too. (Who are we kidding — there's room for everyone in our ever-growing Kardashian makeup collections.)