12 Triple Lobe Piercing Ideas For A Truly Unique Stack

Mismatching FTW.

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Your guide to triple lobe piercings.
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If you’re looking to up your body art game in an edgy yet chic way, then consider triple lobe piercings. As the name suggests, this style of piercing refers to donning three holes next to each other on your earlobe — and it’s perfect for showing off in the summer.

The beauty of triple lobe piercings is that you can truly create a unique look without having to pierce areas beyond your earlobe. Whether you’re into a group of funky decal-like studs, hoop earrings of varied sizes, simple metal studs, or a carefree hodgepodge, the options are pretty endless. And your hole placement can be just as distinct: think a classic curve along the outer lobe, a straight line, or a triangle arrangement. Moral of the story? As piercing artist Elizabeth Blush of High Hopes studio in New York City says, triple lobe piercings are all about self-expression that defies age and gender.

There’s a lot to think about when considering a triple lobe piercing, and chief among them may be where to get it done. Picking a reputable piercer can be overwhelming, Blush says. She recommends checking the Association of Professional Piercers website for a list of piercers in your area, and then check out their social media pages and consider the ones whose artistic vision aligns with your own. It may be tempting to pop into a spot in the mall for a piercing with a gun for the convenience, but it’s worth noting that the APP does not endorse piercing guns and disallows its members from piercing with the mechanism — so it’s best to go to a pro salon that uses needles.

Since these piercings are on your lobe (aka non-cartilage), the pain should be minimal compared to piercings done on the cartilage. They also take less time to heal than other areas on the ear, averaging between six and eight weeks — after which you can switch up the jewelry.

As for aftercare, Blush says to always follow your piercer's instructions, which could be different depending on climate and other factors. For a general list of dos and don’ts, however, she suggests the following: don’t touch your piercing, avoid harsh ingredients like rubbing alcohol, and don’t sleep on your piercings. She also says to be wary of info you find on the Internet. “The worst advice can be found there from regular people who aren’t piercing professionals,” she explains. To that point, Blush says don’t be afraid to call up or swing by a studio in your area for info. Even if they didn’t pierce you, “real piercing professionals are more than happy to help you with advice.”

Blush also notes that if you’ve already got single piercings that are uneven because they weren’t done properly, you may think triple lobe piercings aren’t for you — but she says this shouldn’t stop you from living your best body art life. “A piercing artist will align the second and third one for you, and help you choose jewelry sizes to make up for spacing,” Blush says.

Below, find a handful of triple lobe piercing ideas that are sure to inspire your next piece of body art.


Triple Hoops

Three hoops are one way to showcase your triple stack, and you can make it stand out even more by opting for one with dangling details. These curved hoops are encrusted with rhinestones for extra shine.


Floral Studs

Show off your piercing with dainty floral diamond earrings like the ones seen here. The triple flower earring adds to the gorgeous cluster.


Winged Insects

This triple lobe piercing stack is mismatching at its finest: It features a diamond hoop, a dragonfly, and another winged insect — perfect for outdoor summer hangouts.


Triangular Placement

You could go for a more minimalist effect with a triangular triple lobe piercing and simple silver studs, like the stack seen here.


Decals & Charms

Spotlight your triple lobe piercing with a variety of gold jewelry. This is a stunning combo of a simple hoop, a dangling heart charm, and a bedazzled evil eye.


Drip & Studs

Keep things simple and sweet with a simple diamond stud, a heart-shaped stud, and a drip-effect earring for a statement piece on the bottom.


Geometric Shapes

For a whimsical vibe, dainty diamond studs in different geometric shapes like these may be the perfect match.


Colorful Accents

To make your ear stack really pop, don’t be afraid to play around with colorful jewels. The blue-colored rhinestone hoop shown here serves as the perfect complement to the diamond studs.


Extra Large Hoop & Studs

If you really love hoops, go all-out with an extra-large one in your first lobe piercing followed by two studs for, you know, balance.


Celestial Scene

You could decorate your triple lobe piercing with earrings that follow a theme. This one features interplanetary jewels for an intergalactically chic stack.


Gold & Silver

It is a trend to mix gold and silver jewels, so why not combine the two metals for one perfectly cool triple lobe setup?


Designer Logo

Fashion lovers could adorn their lobes with a designer logo stud to show off their style beyond their outfits.

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