12 Piercing Trends To Keep On Your Radar For 2022

Industrial bar, anyone?

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Experts share the biggest piercing trends of 2022 to watch for.
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If you’re in the mood to switch up your style, look no further than all the fun 2022 piercing trends on the horizon. According to industry insiders, it’s going to be a year of self-expression, possibly even more so than all the stacked ear jewelry 2021 brought into the zeitgeist.

The overall consensus? Piercings are increasingly becoming a way to enhance your unique style. “People want that personalization,” Beth Moeri, the chief merchandising officer at Claires, tells Bustle. “And working and schooling from home have amplified that.” When you think about it, being on Zoom or FaceTime is kind of like being in a frame, she says. You typically can’t see accessories like rings or necklaces on screen, so earrings really do become the ideal way to express yourself.

Going into 2022, there will also be a desire for newness and catharsis after such a long period of time spent indoors or with unpredictable work schedules, says Jessica Richards, a trend forecaster and founder of JMR Trend + Creative. If the world does return to normal, she predicts you’ll want to step out with all your new fun jewelry in tow.

While some piercing trends have been floating around for a few years now (think cartilage piercings, constellations and customizations), there are a number of exciting piercing trends for 2022 that quench that desire to stand out. Keep scrolling to check out what experts predict will be big in the body art world.



Gone are the days of rocking identical piercings on both ears. Now, it's all about asymmetry, says Samantha Alvarado, RN, the director of nursing and piercing innovation at Rowan Piercing Studio. Her take? While this piercing style isn’t exactly new, 2022 will see the trend continue with people randomizing their placements even more. If you want to get second or third holes on one lobe but not the other, go for it! The less rhyme and reason to your piercings, the better, she says — and that’s the beauty of it.


Mixing & Matching

Complimenting the asymmetry trend is the rise of mixing and matching jewelry. In the past, the tendency was to stick with one style when it came to decking out your piercings —  but those rules are officially out the window, Alvarado says.

Feel free to mix gold and silver hoops or stick a pearl next to a diamond stud. You could also introduce a pop of color with vibrant gemstone studs, an accessory Richards predicts will become increasingly popular as a way to add to your jewelry repertoire. Sure, none of it will technically match, but remember: 2022 is all about having fun with your look.


Stacked Lobe

The most traditional piercing — the one pretty much everyone starts off with — is located right smack dab in the middle of your lower lobe. With stacked lobe piercings, you add another right above the first one, says Richards of another of 2022’s biggest trends. The look is subtle but gives off cool vibes by adding some edge to the most basic piercing of all, especially when you don’t wear any other jewelry.


Industrial Bars

Body art might also get a bit rebellious in 2022, which Richards chalks up to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s collective couple style. They’ve brought attention back to '90s and Y2K trends that are a little bit on the goth side of fashion — so if you’ve been eyeballing industrial bars that stretch across your cartilage, now’s the time to try them out.



The snakebite piercing, made popular by Kaia Gerber back in 2019, will continue to stick around. But the style is moving just a bit in 2022. “People usually get two piercings close together in their midi, or middle of the ear,” Lisa Bubbers, co-founder of the jewelry store and piercing studio Studs, tells Bustle. “In 2022, I think we’ll see snakebite piercings in places like the forward helix and conch.”

On a similar note, Moeri says there might also be an uptick in spider bites, a double piercing style that’s placed at the top of your ear. The more unique the location, the better in 2022.


Flat Helix

Lots of folks will also want to rock a flat helix piercing, most likely with mismatched studs, Bubbers predicts. These are placed in the middle — and flat — area located between your ear canal and cartilage. To get a look that works for your ear shape and size, ask your piercer to customize the placement.



Three piercings, aka the trilogy, is another body art trend to watch for. “The trilogy goes right next to where you would have the first piercing,” Moeri says. “We are seeing more on the lobe, but with an upward look.” That means you get three times the opportunity to mix and match your jewelry.

If you aren’t sure where to start, pop into your local piercer and ask for assistance curating your look.


Constellation Arrangements

These can be done anywhere with enough space for multiple piercings. “They’re popular on the lobe and flat,” says Jim Kelly, manager of piercing training at Banter by Piercing Pagoda. “Instead of having one centered piercing, there can be three to four variously arranged single point piercings — when they’re all complete, it looks like a constellation in the sky.”



Kelly says septum piercings — specifically with elaborate clickers, a variation of a hoop — have been rising in popularity. “There are diverse ways they can be displayed and hidden with convenience,” he tells Bustle. “This coming year, we’ll start to see more fancy elaborate clicker style pieces with adornments and fancy carvings displayed on the piece.”



Alvarado sees conch piercings becoming more popular — for good reason. Besides looking cool, she notes they heal nicely. “They’re also versatile when it comes to jewelry options,” she says. “While some may choose a small and subtle earring, others can go with a larger statement piece.”


Double Helix

Another versatile piercing option: the double helix, a style Alvarado says will be trending in 2022. “I’ve seen these styled in all different ways using hoops and/or studs,” she tells Bustle.


Ear Cuffs

You don’t have to have actual piercings to partake in this trend. “Ear cuffs are a huge hit for those that want to accessorize their ears but may not want the commitment of caring for a new piercing,” says Alvarado, who points to Rowan’s Double Ear Cuff as a particularly popular option.


Beth Moeri, chief merchandising officer at Claires

Jessica Richards, trend forecaster and founder of JMR trend + creative

Lisa Bubbers, co-founder of the jewelry store and piercing studio Studs

Samantha Alvarado, RN, director of Nursing and Piercing Innovation at Rowan Piercing Studio

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