21 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Including swoon-worthy heart prints and pink swirls.

by Annie Blay and Danielle Sinay
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February 14 is right around the corner, and no matter how you plan on celebrating, a cute mani has the potential to make this romantic holiday extra special. Whether you usually go for bold intricate designs or stick with minimalist chic, you've got countless options — all cupid approved. To help, Bustle has rounded up 21 super-cute Valentine's Day nail art ideas, including everything from pink ombré to foil hearts, just in time for the occasion.

Though this holiday may seem very specific in color scheme and aesthetic — as in: red and pink-everything — the possibilities to personalize your V-Day mani are actually endless. If pink and red hearts are not your vibe, you can rock the design in neutral colors. If you aren't into the go-to symbol of the holiday at all, opt for something more abstract like a marble design. The holiday is all about what your heart desires, after all, so be true to yourself.

These nail art ideas vary in difficulty, so no worries if you can't make it to the nail salon — your basic DIY mani skills can help you pull off some of these styles while still looking like you spent hours with a nail tech.

Here are 21 Valentine's Day nail art ideas to inspire your holiday-themed manicure.


Heart Swirl

This swirl design is poised to become a trend, and there is no better time to try it out than Valentine's Day. Choosing shades of pink and red make this look extra festive.


Sea Of Hearts

It's fun to treat yourself to an intricate nail art design every once in a while. This detailed art hits the Valentine's Day mark with the red hearts plus an artsy twist from the white foam waves. Your nails will truly be a work of art.


Seeing Red

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a cute red spot design. To make this mani really stand out, choose a neutral or sheet base color.


Neutral Hearts

This neutral brown design is perfect if you're not into the lovey-dovey V-day vibes. The colors may be subtle but the cool heart design makes this mani stand out.


Hearts All Over

This design is like heart wallpaper for your nails. These little hand-drawn hearts are so cute and will definitely draw attention to your mani — just be sure to have a small angled brush on hand to nail the shapes.


Pink & Red Marble

Marble nails are always trendy and easy to adapt to any season. This pink and red smoky design is impressive and sure to bring on the compliments.


Pink Ombré

You can never go wrong with an ombré mani, especially in this dainty shade of pink. While this is a popular nail color this time of year, the ombré adds an eye-catching twist.


Foil Hearts

Make a statement with this red foil heart nail design. Incorporating foil into your mani is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your nails pop. Just grab some colored foil and cut it into whatever shape you'd like before sticking it onto your base polish.


Heart Print

Valentine's Day is a great time for a quirky manicure. The contrast of tiny red and cream hearts is beyond cute. If you're attempting this look at home, nail stickers are a great alternative.


Elegant Red

For a slightly sexier option for your V-Day mani, you can always stick with a deep shade of red polish. To kick it up a notch, add a negative space design.


Geometric Tips

If you want to go against the grain, this geometric pink and red nail art is a winner that still offers a nod to V-Day.


Groovy Pink & White

This vertical swirl design is one of the coolest nail trends to try out this month. The swirl of pastel pinks and white on a sheer base just screams Valentine's Day, though you might want to rock it well past the holiday.


Brown Cut-Out Hearts

This is the perfect V-Day mani for a minimalist. The cut-out effect is simple yet so aesthetically pleasing — all you need is a tiny brush and steady hand.


3D Hearts

To go all out for your Valentine's Day mani, a 3D design is the way to go. The raised hearts provide an eye-catching texture that will cue heart eyes from all who see it.


Black On White

This black and white mani is cute yet elegant and matches everything. Simply hand-paint black hearts over your white (or off-white) base and you’re ready to go.


Subtle Romance

If you’re not interested in commitment — to an over-the-top Valentine’s design, that is — but still want to sport something playful for the holiday, this simple light pink mani featuring a hand-painted red kiss on the ring finger might be the look for you.


Minimalist Hearts

This light pink base adorned with tiny white hearts is another subtle yet (discreetly) flirtatious aesthetic, and can be replicated with any variety of colors for a bolder or even more minimalist look.


Red French Tips

French manicures are trendier than ever, and they can become even more romantic when you use V-day-themed nail polish colors. You can also paint the entirety of your pinky nail in red while leaving empty space in the shape of a heart. Très chic!


Pretty In Pinks

Love pink but can’t decide on your favorite shade? This Skittles-style French mani is your match made in heaven. Simply pick out five variations of pink and paint each fingertip with a different hue.


Blue Mood

Over red nails? Try this adorable take on traditional heart manicures, which combines vibrant shades of pink and blue for a lighthearted yet lovely Valentine’s design.


Magenta Mania

This magenta manicure is the ideal aesthetic for the most romantic night of the year. Simply style three nails with French tips, then paint a matching heart on your ring finger, and finish by painting the entirety of your pinky nail while leaving empty space in the shape of a heart — making for the sweetest mismatched mani.

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