’90s-Era Wide Headbands Are Back & Bella Hadid-Approved

Meet the easiest-to-wear hair accessory.

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How to style the '90s-era wide headband trend.
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Stretchy, wide headbands aren’t just for washing your face. Now you can (and should) wear them out and about — and look really cute doing so — just like model-off-duty queens Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Also called a jersey headband, they work with your hair up or down — as long as you know how to style them.

If you aren’t sure how to wear a wide headband, it’s easy to look like you’re about to do a 12-step skin care routine or take a second-grade class photo. While you can always slide one on and call it a day, there’s an art to adjusting this type of headband so that it sits in just the right spot.

According to celebrity hairstylist Kieron Justin, headbands of all varieties have been popular forever, but the wide headband is currently in its revival era thanks to its versatility. “They can be worn high-end and chic or as [a way to pay] homage to ’90s nostalgia,” he tells Bustle. “We have seen so many celebs wearing these headbands, such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who opt for the classic ’90s sports headbands with soft, stretchy elastic cotton, to others opting for classic bands and ties, like Emma Chamberlain.”

Another part of the appeal is how easily they hide an off-hair day. Bangs askew? Just leaving the gym? Throw on a wide headband and you’re set. “They’re comfy and come in many different styles, and can wear your hair in multiple ways to make the look more fashionable and more creative,” notes Justin. Here’s how to rock the look.

How To Style A Wide Headband

To wear your hair up with a headband, Justin suggests scraping your strands back into your usual bun or ponytail — either low or high — and securing it firmly in place with a hair tie. Once you’ve got your bun or pony, pull the headband over your head and let it hang loose around your neck.

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From there, pull the band up in the front over your face. To go for Bieber’s sporty look, continue pulling the band a couple of inches back until it reaches your bun. You’ll be able to see your hairline in front of it. To go for a Hadid or Jenner vibe, let the band rest at your hairline.

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In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes — it is OK if the headband covers your ears, says Sami Skinner, a stylist and Sam Villa brand ambassador. In fact, it’s usually preferable. So adjust the band so it completely covers your ears, a la Hadid, or pull it slightly back so that your lobes peek out. If you hate how this looks, adjust the band back so it sits behind your ears. According to Skinner, these stretchy headbands feel really comfy either way, so the choice is yours.

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This technique also works if you want to wear your hair down. Justin suggests styling your hair like you normally would before pulling the front pieces of your hair back and tucking them behind your ears. Slick the front bits down with a styling cream so that your hairline is smooth.

The end result? You’ll look like a ’90s-era supermodel.


Kieron Justin, celebrity hairstylist

Sami Skinner, stylist, Sam Villa brand ambassador

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