The Sobriety Spectrum

A look at how millennials are drinking (and abstaining) in 2021.

An abstract collage with elements of sobriety with a glass of beer, a broken glass and people.

The Sobriety Spectrum

3 Women On How Their Friendships Changed After They Quit Drinking

And how it’s helped redefine what “fun” looks like to them.

by Megan McCarty
CSA Images, Peter Dazeley, H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images
The Sobriety Spectrum

15 Subtle Signs You’re Drinking Too Much, According To Experts

#3: You’re annoyed when people drink slowly.

By Isadora Baum, CHC and JR Thorpe
The Sobriety Spectrum

Your Guide To Politely Declining Alcohol

Here's exactly what to say.

By Carolyn Steber
The Sobriety Spectrum

In 2021, What Even Is Sobriety?

Discover sober paths and how 5 women got started.

By Rita Omokha
The Sobriety Spectrum

Sobriety's Big Rebrand

Instagrammable nonalcoholic drinks are ushering in a new way of thinking about teetotaling.

By Sydney Gore
The Sobriety Spectrum

If My Drinking Is “Normal,” Why Do I Think About It All The Time?

“I always wonder if an extra drink is a sign that I’m slipping, that I’ve gone too far.”

By Anna Davies
The Sobriety Spectrum

What 2,000 Millennial Women Have To Say About Sobriety

Including their thoughts on pandemic drinking, being “sober curious,” and more.

By Melanie Mignucci