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7 Best Sex Positions For Ringing In The New Year

Start 2021 off right

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If you have a favorite sex position — or one you've been meaning to try — now's the time to do it. Not only are there celebratory vibes in the air as 2020 comes to a close, but experimenting with new sex positions on New Year's Eve is a great way to feel closer to your partner.

There's something magical — and really hot — about getting it on while the clock strikes midnight. But experts say couples can also use NYE as a time to reconnect in a romantic way, particularly if you're experimenting with positions you haven't tried before.

"New sex positions create an activity for bonding, teamwork, and closeness going into the new year," Nastassia Betcher, LPC, MA, EdM, a licensed professional counselor, tells Bustle. If your relationship is new, Betcher says, this will expedite intimacy by boosting your communication skills as a couple. (Because nothing requires them quite like shimmying into a tricky position.)

If you've been together longer, trying trickier positions — or even revisiting old favorites — could be a way to rekindle a spark, or simply enjoy NYE in bed. Sound good? Then grab your partner and try out the positions below, so you can bring in the new year with a bang. Literally.


The Plow

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How To Do It: Start in the classic missionary position, then raise your legs up so your ankles are resting on your partner's shoulders. If you can hook your knees on over, great, but if not, don't worry — just go as far as you comfortably can.

Why It's Great For New Year's: It's an incredibly intense position — we're talking deep penetration— as well as one that requires a bit of communication. Plus, there's going to be lots of sexy eye contact, to help you feel closer.


X Marks The Spot

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How To Do It: Get on the edge of your bed, table, or couch, and lift your legs up so your partner, who will be standing over you, can hold your ankles up by their shoulders. Find a comfortable position for them to enter you, then experiment by crossing your legs at the ankles — to make the "X" — for extra intensity.

Why It's Great For New Year's: If you'd like to just lie back and enjoy— and let the new year wash over you— this is a great position. It's also not the most common, so if you're down to experiment, this might just be what you're doing as the clock strikes midnight.



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How To Do It: Partake in some 69ing where you lie side by side with your heads pointing in opposite directions, and then perform oral sex on each other simultaneously. But if you want to mix things up, you could sit on the edge of the bed while your partner does their thing between your legs.

Why It's Great For New Year's: Because New Year's Eve is all about coming full circle, about watching one year come and another year go, so you may as well embrace the theme. Oh, and it feels great.



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How To Do It: With your partner reclined on the bed, straddle their hips and lower yourself onto them. Then go with which position makes you feel sexiest, whether it's leaning forward, leaning back, grinding, bouncing — the choice is totally yours.

Why It's Great For New Year's: Cowgirl could be all about switching up your usual dynamics, or experimenting with the type of intensity or speed necessary to get you off. Use this as a time to talk about what's been working (or not working) for you in bed so you can have an amazing new year.



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How To Do It: Stand against a wall with your legs slightly separated and lift one leg up so your partner can enter you from behind. Move slowly while you get your balance right — and hang onto the wall for support, especially if you've had some champagne.

Why It's Great For New Year's: It's another bold position to welcome in the new year, as well as one that feels sexy and experimental. If you've been with your partner for a while, NYE is a great time to make sure you've still got that spark.


Reverse Cowgirl

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How To Do It: Straddle your partner like you would in the cowgirl position, but this time face away from them. From there you can lean forward or back to find an angle that's comfortable for both of you. Once you find a groove, use your hand to play with your clit.

Why It's Great For New Year's: It's exciting, and thus matches the energy of the evening! It's amazing to be the person on top, and your partner will definitely enjoy the view.


In A Chair

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How To Do It: Have your partner sit in a chair or on a couch, then straddle their hips and lower yourself down. Make the most of the eye contact and closeness, but if you feel like switching it up you can always try facing away from your partner, too.

Why It's Great For New Year's: If you're already on the couch watching the ball drop, it'll be easy to move right into this position and start 2021 off right.

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