7 Positions For Cozy Intimacy On Cold Nights

Now that we’re officially in Fall and the temperature is dropping fast, it’s time to get your cozy, intimate sex positions on. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or having casual sex, sometimes the moment calls for some good ole intimacy with a partner. And, if it’s really cold outside, almost all moments definitely call for some serious coziness — really hot, sticky, skin-to-skin, type of coziness that only sex can provide. Sure, your favorite wool socks, blarf, and your flannel pajamas definitely hit the spot, but not with the same level of intensity that intimacy-building sex does. Also, last I checked, wool socks don’t provide orgasms, unless there’s something new out there and I'm last to know.

So while you’ve already got Fall covered with the best sex positions, it’s time to look even beyond toward the chilly AF months without fear of the cold, but with excitement over what you’re going to do to stay warm. From The Lotus to 69 to Coital Alignment, here are the best ways to stay cozy and intimate, because isn't that the best way to deal with the cold? Check out the seven positions below and remember, these sex positions work with two women as well:

1. The Lotus

How to do it: First, have your partner sit with their legs crossed. Next, you want to sort of stack yourself on top of them with your legs crossed, too. To do this, standing above them, lower yourself down into a straddled, sitting position on their lap. Then wrap your legs and arms around them.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: Well, look at it. It doesn’t get more cozy or intimate than this. It’s probably not something you’d do during a one-night stand, but definitely something you do with someone with whom you’re extremely intimate already.

2. Missionary

How to do it: In case it’s been awhile since you've had missionary, I’ll refresh your memory. With you on your back and legs spread, your partner gets in between your legs, while lying against your body, and enters you. Easy peasy, right?

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: Missionary sex position is far too often thought of as the “vanilla” of all the sex positions. While that may be true, to an extent, it’s also one of the most intimate. You’re face-to-face with your partner, kissing them, and watching every expression that comes across their face. True intimacy is seeing someone’s face when they orgasm.

3. Side By Side

How to do it: While on your sides, as close as possible, lift your top leg and drape it across your partner’s hip. At this point, they should shimmy down a wee bit, so they’re a little lower than you and can enter you at the right angle.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: Similar to The Lotus, your limbs are all tangled up with this one, which is pretty intimate. You also have that intense eye contact that comes with being face-to-face again.

4. On Top

How to do it: Have your partner lie on their back, then straddle them, while lying yourself against their body. From here, you just start moving yourself up and down on them or gyrating; whatever feels right.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: While on top, if you sit up-right a la cowgirl style, can be not-so-intimate, when your body is against your partner’s body, intimacy is heightened. Also, warmth!

5. In A Chair

How to do it: With your partner in a chair, facing them, straddle their lap and sit on down.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: In this position, because you’re in a chair and not likely to have your feet touching the floor, penetration is really deep, which is ideal for coziness. Not just that, but you’re forced to kind of mess around to find the right rhythm to make it work which, in itself, is intimate.

6. 69

How to do it: While lying on your sides, facing each other, but with your bodies in opposite directions, you’re going to orally stimulate each other. Actually, you can do this position either on your side, or one on top of the other — whatever is most comfortable and makes more sense for your heights.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: No matter how you slice it, oral sex is a pretty intimate act. I’d even go so far as to say it’s more intimate than intercourse. To have your bodies this close, with your mouths pushed up against, in, or on your partner’s genitals is extreme intimacy — and coziness, too.

7. Coital Alignment

How to do it: First, you want to get into missionary position. But instead of staying there, have your partner get a little higher than you, so their pelvis is higher, too. Instead of the usual in-out movement that would come with missionary, your partner should concentrate on more of grinding technique, making it a stellar position for clitoral stimulation.

Why it’s great for cozy intimacy on cold nights: The coital alignment position takes the intimacy that already comes with missionary up a few notches thanks to the movement involved. Because it’s not just about thrusting, but rather two bodies grinding into each other, there’s a closeness there that missionary doesn’t quite have. This epic closeness also means coziness galore. This cold weather doesn't seem so bad after all, huh?

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle