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7 Sex Positions For When You Need An Energy Boost

Sex boosts your energy levels because it releases endorphins.

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If you're feeling a little sluggish or tired, the last thing you may think you want to do is have sex. And while yes, sometimes a nap or cup of coffee will be in order, there are actually quite a few sex positions that boost your energy, that you may want to try as a quick pick-me-up.

"Sex boosts your energy levels because it releases endorphins in your body that help to you feel good," Marla Renee Stewart, MA, a sexologist and author, tells Bustle. "In addition to that, when you try different sex positions, it helps to keep your brain curious and excited about the variability that is currently happening, which is also stimulating."

While good ol' missionary position will do, trying out new, invigorating positions can also increase your creativity, Stewart says, and as an added bonus, leave "you thinking about future endeavors that may contribute positively to your sexual experience."

So don't hesitate to have some unexpected sex in the morning to wake yourself up, or mid-day to kick your brain back into gear — or any other time you might need a quick boost. Below, the perfect positions to try for when you need a little extra energy.


Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: While your partner lies down, straddle them while facing their feet, then lower yourself down slowly. You can lean forward and brace yourself on your arms or lean back and bounce — whatever feels better.

Why It's A Boost: It's a badass position that will make you feel like you can just go for what you need and get on with your day. All. About. You.


Doggy Style

How To Do It: While you're on all fours, your partner should kneel or stand behind you. Try using a spare hand for clitoral stimulation — it really takes it up a notch.

Why It's A Boost: It's such a thrilling position that it's bound to give you a boost. And the extra intense G-spot stimulation helps, too.


Seated Backbend

How To Do It: When you're on top, grab your partner's hands and slowly lower yourself down so that you're lying back on their legs, while they sit up. If it's a difficult position, so if you aren't too flexible, prop a pillow behind you for extra support.

Why It's A Boost: It's exciting and unusual as a position and — just like chest openers make you feel energized in yoga classes — there's something invigorating about the backbend.


Sideways Straddle

How To Do It: Have your partner lie back with one knee bent and other leg extended. Climb on top and straddle their bent knee while facing away from them. Lower yourself down and guide them inside of you — it may take a try or two.

Why It's A Boost: You're totally in control and it's out-there enough to feel illicit. Plus, it's great for grinding and clitoral stimulation.


In A Chair

How To Do It: Straddle them facing toward them, away from them, bump, grind — whatever feels sexiest on the chair.

Why It's A Boost: It's an intimate position but with the added adrenaline rush of moving things outside the bedroom. Perfect for a quickie.


The Splitter

How To Do It: Start in missionary. Your partner will sit backward onto their ankles and then move up to kneeling, while taking one of your legs up to their shoulder. Move slowly if you're not very flexible!

Why It's A Boost: It's a sex position that's really deep and gives you both an amazing view. You'll feel like you're pushing boundaries and opening up.


Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: In missionary, make sure your partner's hips are higher than they normally would be. You can use your legs to wrap around and draw them closer, but focus on the stimulation on your clit.

Why It's A Boost: It's a great position for orgasm, which is perfect when you want a quickie so you can get on with the rest of your day, feelin' sexy AF.

If you're feeling a bit "blah," try one or two of these energy-boosting positions, and your day will be jazzed up in no time.


Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexologist and author