11 Audio Erotica Websites, Apps, & Podcasts That'll Heat Up Your Next Night In

Listen and get turned on.

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The next time you want to get turned on, try audio erotica instead of visual porn to shake things up...

A lot of people watch porn if they want to add excitement to their solo (or partnered) sex lives. But not all arousal aids are visual. Written erotica used to be the main alternative to videos, but now, there's another option: audio erotica.

Several erotic audio apps and sites now let you listen to erotic stories whenever (and wherever) you want. One major advantage to audio porn over visual porn or written erotica? No more balancing your computer on your lap, constantly scrolling down, or reading to take you out of the moment. Your whole body is free to do its thing.

“There’s so much focus on visual stimulation when it comes to porn and erotica, but our hearing plays an important role in desire and sexual response,” Anne Hodder-Shipp, a sex educator, tells Bustle. “Anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts or audio books, or gets turned on by their partner’s voice or sounds during sex, might really connect with audio erotica, and there's no hurt in trying it out to see for yourself.”

Who knows? Erotic audio might end up being your new favorite thing. As Hodder-Shipp says, “The more we explore what does (and doesn’t) turn us on, the more aware we’ll be of our own desires and, in turn, the better sex we'll have!” Here are some audio erotica sites, apps, and podcasts to check out if you're craving auditory stimulation.



This newly launched site created by Caroline Spiegel, the sister of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, provides not only audio erotica but also written erotic stories, so there's literally something for every mood.

And if you want to get creative, you can also submit your own writing and voice recordings. The content is designed for women, providing an alternative to the patriarchal conventions of mainstream porn, which often only focus on the male gaze.



“For far too long, sexuality has been defined by men, as physical, rather than mental,” Dipsea’s creators, Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan, previously told Bustle. “And we’ve heard so many women question whether something is wrong with them because they don’t get spontaneously horny, or because things need to feel really right for them to access their sexual feelings.”

Enter Dipsea, an audio erotica app that helps you find the perfect story for each occasion and theme. You can select when you're listening ("in bed," "with your partner," "before a date," etc.) and what you want to get out of it ("get inspired for later," "treat yourself"), and it will show you different options that match what you're looking for.


Vibease Chat

The Vibease Chat app not only provides over 500 erotic audio stories, but also lets you and your partner engage in NSFW chats, and even allows your partner to control your sex toys remotely.

Vibease also creates a vibrator that buzzes in sync with the audiobooks, though you can also control it yourself if you prefer to be in the driver’s seat.


The Orgasm Sound Library

Ever wonder what other people sound like when they orgasm? Or just wanted to hear it for your own pleasure? The Orgasm Sound Library will fulfill both needs with snippets of sound recorded by people during their moments of bliss.

Whatever you hear on the site is “100% real” and “totally anonymous.” You can also upload your own orgasm audio, if that strikes your fancy.



Fans of spicy short stories should check out Femtasy, an app for short erotic fiction recommended by Jess O’Reilly, host of the Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast. “It’s specifically targeted at women, but folks of all genders and sexual orientations will find something enticing — all under 30 minutes,” says O’Reilly. Try it for free to see which stories and voice artists appeal to you.


Aural Honey

Aural Honey is a nice option if you’re looking for something on the kinkier side. Click on options like office kink, submissive, and even supernatural. (You can venture into vampire and witch roleplay, if that’s your bag.)

The recordings last around 30 minutes, so you have plenty of time to become fully immersed, without running out of sound.



In case you didn’t know, Reddit is a great source for sexy videos shared by real people, either doing their thing along or with partner(s).

On the r/gonewildaudio subreddit specially, users share audio clips of themselves enacting various sexual fantasies, so you can focus solely on the sounds that turn you on most.

Users also share descriptions of each scenario in their posts, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.



O’Reilly also shouts out Emjoy, a sexual wellness and female pleasure-centered app featuring audio erotica and also audio guides related to sexy topics, like how to do dirty talk. It’s a great option if you’re in the mood for sensual listening, and you’re interested in learning from sex experts!


For Adults Only | Sexy Hot Stories Erotic From The Street

The For Adults Only podcast features eventful erotic stories with both arousing descriptions and colorful themes like “playful and punishable” and “the taste of France.”

Though the clips are short — coming in around five to eight minutes, in general — the library is extensive, so you won’t get bored.



Literotica, a classic user-submitted erotica site, has a section for audio stories. You’ll find a ton of new ones posted every day, and you can search for features like “male voice” and “female masturbation” to find what you're looking for.

You can also see user ratings to decide what to listen to next. And, if you're feeling extra inspired, you can even submit your own story.


Riveting Stories

The Riveting Stories podcast is no longer active, but you can still listen to it online. Read by host Toni Payne, everyone can find something that piques their interest.

Download some sensual stories like “Sex With the Mail Lady” or “The Forbidden Office Affair,” and enjoy.

If you usually reach for video porn, try the above resources for audio erotica as a fun way to switch things up.


Anne Hodder-Shipp, sex educator

Jess O’Reilly, host of the Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast

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