10 Celebrity Yogis Who'll Inspire You To Roll Out Your Mat

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A roundup of celebrities who do yoga, from Jennifer Aniston to Alicia Keys.
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If you’ve gone to at least one yoga class, you know that instructors always say things like “yoga is for everybody” — even if you can’t do a headstand for the life of you. Well, the rumors are true, because plenty of A-listers are into getting bendy on the mat.

While you’ll often hear about stars hitting up Pilates studios and sweating privately with personal trainers, a lot of celebrities love yoga — including Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston.

Many stick to traditional forms of the practice, like vinyasa and ashtanga, to feel centered and strong. Vinyasa, of course, is the super-popular flowy form of yoga that you’re most likely to experience in a studio. Other A-listers have mentioned that they love a sweaty stretch, so if you ever go to a hot yoga class, you just might look over and see Jessica Alba on the mat next to you.

With such busy schedules and long days in the public eye, it makes sense that celebs would crave a calming practice like yoga. Gisele Bündchen, for instance, has used the fitness modality to get through tough times in life, and Reese Witherspoon has said she holds a few poses right before big events as a way to de-stress.

Keep reading for a look at 10 celebrities who have a yoga practice if you’re looking for some motivation to roll out your mat.

1. Kate Hudson

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As the co-founder of activewear brand Fabletics, it makes sense that Kate Hudson would be down with a downward dog. The actor has talked a lot about her love of exercise, and she almost always mentions yoga.

Hudson’s approach to fitness is to do something small on a regular basis. “[I make] time for a little movement every day — [whether it’s] going for a walk, doing a few minutes on the treadmill, some Pilates, or, if I have more time for it, I love hot yoga,” she told Prevention.

2. Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel aims to do 20 to 30 minutes of yoga every day. “It's become so much more than an exercise — [it’s] more of a stress reliever and a life calmer,” she told Women’s Health. “It just helps me with everything that I have to do in my life.”

The star said she also loves the community aspect of a yoga class and the ripple effect it has in her day-to-day. “I come out of [yoga] feeling prepared to deal with any situation and I feel completely rejuvenated and ready to step back into the practice of real life.”

3. Jennifer Aniston

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Fitness fiend Jennifer Aniston loves to run, but she’s also been a fan of vinyasa. According to Well+Good, she likes to squeeze some yoga into her busy days. “I have a trainer, a wonderful woman who I do this spin-yoga class [with],” she said. “We spin for half an hour, and then do yoga for 40 minutes.”

Aniston has trained for a long time with yoga teacher Mandy Ingber. In an interview, Ingber revealed that the Friends actor loves balancing poses, like tree, half-moon, and warrior III, as well as forearm planks that work her abs, according to Cosmopolitan. Most importantly, though, Jen appreciates how yoga helps her mental health.

4. Alicia Keys

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According to ET, Alicia Keys has tried — and really enjoyed — kundalini yoga, which is all about breathing and moving trapped energy in the body. The singer even opened up about her practice in an article for USA Today. “Between the chanting and the singing and the rhythm and the meaning of these ancient words, I discovered a sense of peace and comfort,” she wrote. “I started to notice a richer connection with myself, an ability to go deeper.”

5. Gisele Bündchen

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Gisele Bündchen has been perfecting her yoga skills for years. According to Women’s Health, the supermodel has been practicing yoga and breathwork since her early 20s, and it’s something that’s helped her through some tough times.

“With the help of yoga and meditation, I came out of that period stronger and happier, and knowing that no matter how difficult challenges appear in the moment, they always bring with them an opportunity for transformation.”

6. Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria has talked about yoga for years. In 2020, she shared on Instagram that she did yoga every day while pregnant with her son, noting that it helped her cope with back pain. She’s also posted pics of her doing extra-tough poses, including aerial moves with her instructor, Craig Fields.

7. Reese Witherspoon

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Reece Witherspoon is a major fan of what yoga does for both her physical and mental health. The actor has taken to Instagram countless times to share her flows, which often take place on her dreamy porch. The star has also talked about practicing yoga before big events as a way to feel calm and centered before stepping in front of the cameras.

8. Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba has said she’s into the camaraderie that comes with in-person yoga classes and working out with friends. Along with spin and Pilates, the actor previously told Byrdie that she’s a fan of hot yoga. “I prefer it mixed in with light weights, so like a sculpting hot yoga class,” she shared.

9. Drew Barrymore

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For Drew Barrymore, her go-to form of self-care has always been exercise in general — via hot yoga in particular. “It gives me so much sanity,” she told Us. On The Drew Barrymore Show, she even gave goat yoga a try. And, according to Vulture, the actor has gone so far as to turn her closet into a meditation room to further enhance her practice.

10. Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham is all about doing yoga at home. “My favorite [online] yoga is Sky Ting,” she previously told Bustle. “People stuck at home [or] working from home need to move [their] bodies and stretch. It’s one thing to get out of the house, good for you, but you can get on the floor wherever you are.”

The model also isn’t afraid to hang upside down in an aerial yoga class. In a post on Instagram, she joked that this dangly form of yoga is helping her “get ready for Cirque du Soleil auditions” by keeping her flexible.

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