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Here’s The Enneagram Type That’s Most Likely To Get Rich

Working hard and playing hard is a part of their personality.

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If you’re into horoscopes, online quizzes, and other ways to get to know yourself, then you probably already have the Enneagram test on your radar. This assessment can reveal a lot about the inner workings of your brain, namely the motivations, core beliefs, and subconscious patterns that drive your behavior. Oh, and it might also give you a sneak peek into whether or not you’ll ever be rich.

Here’s how it works: Once you answer a series of questions, the test presents you with your Enneagram Type. There are nine in total, and while it’s said that everyone has bits and pieces of each type in their personality, there will always be one set of traits that stands out as the most dominant for every individual.

According to Stina Garbis, an astrologer and author who provides intuitive business consultations, the Enneagram is a good way to learn more about yourself and what drives you so you can better navigate the world, including your relationships and career.

“The ideas behind this test are rooted in numerous ancient philosophies, namely Greek, but is a fairly new idea that came out of the ‘60s,” she tells Bustle. “The test is said to help you become the person you desire to be.”

Once you know your type you can lean into your strengths and make changes to sort out your weaknesses. Since this test is all about your inner motivation, she says it’s a great way to learn more about what makes you tick and what you deem important.

The Nine Enneagram Types

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Each Enneagram type has a few stand-out traits. Type 1, also called The Reformer, is the rational, moral, perfectionist. Type 2, or The Helper, is a caring, generous, people-pleasing type. Type 3, or The Achiever, is adaptable, driven, and image-conscious. And then there’s Type 4, aka The Individualist, who is sensitive, introspective, and slightly dramatic.

After that, there’s Type 5, or The Investigator, who is cerebral, innovative, and secretive. That’s followed by Type 6, or The Loyalist, who is committed, responsible, and security-oriented, and then Type 7, or The Enthusiast, who is busy, scattered, and variety-seeking.

Finally, there’s Type 8, or The Challenger, who is powerful, willful, and confrontational, and then Type 9, AKA The Peacemaker, who is easy-going, agreeable, and slightly complacent. Which Enneagram type is the most likely to be rich and successful? Below, an expert breaks it down.

Which Enneagram Is The Most Likely To Be Rich?

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Out of the nine Enneagram types, the one who is most likely to fly first class, go on fancy vacations, live in a penthouse, and dine out every night of the week is... Type 3, The Challenger. According to Garbis, Type 3s need to be working towards a goal to feel worthy, and as a result, they tend to be extra successful in their careers.

“They have a need to achieve in order to feel validated,” she tells Bustle. “So their self-worth is tied to how much success they’re creating in their lives — and that can often be determined by how much money they are making.”

If a Type 3 takes a day off, they’ll feel depressed, bored, and unfulfilled pretty much instantaneously, she says. That’s why this type always has a side hustle or their own business — and they’ll proudly drink out of a mug with a phrase like “The Grind Don’t Stop” emblazoned on the side.

Not only do they wake up early so they can grab the day by the horns, but they’re also extremely image-conscious. Instead of diving into their career for the joy of it, or stowing away money for a rainy day so they feel more secure, Type 3s are driven by the desire to live a flashy lifestyle that turns heads. They’re drawn to the finer things in life, so they always have that motivation to keep striving.

Threes are also well-liked, so it’s easy for them to network, and they’re also diligent and pragmatic. It makes sense that they’d thrive, especially in their finances.

Can Any Enneagram Type Be Successful?

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If you’re a Type 4 or a Type 9, you might not care too much about material things or wealth. But if you feel like you could use a little more Type 3 in your life, never fear. While every type has its positive traits, Garbis says you can look to others who aren’t like you and use them as inspiration. “If it feels like you’re missing certain traits, it could mean that you already have them, but they just need to be strengthened,” she says. “The test can point out areas in our lives that we can enhance if we choose to.”


Stina Garbis, astrologer, author, business consultant