How To Try Erotic Hypnosis, Either Solo Or With A Partner

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by Anna Davies
How to try erotic hypnosis
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You may have heard the cliche that the brain is the body’s most erotic organ. Erotic hypnosis, also known as hypno sex, capitalizes on that concept. But what is erotic hypnosis? Think of it like masturbation for the mind. “I see erotic hypnosis as one of those sexual enrichment or relationship things you can do with your partner,” says Amy Marsh, a sexologist and hypnotist in Eugene, Oregon, who frequently conducts erotic hypnosis workshops. Similar to BDSM and kink play, erotic hypnosis is anchored in trust and experimenting with control. And while you can perform it with a partner, you can also perform erotic hypnosis on yourself.

Because there’s a control and trust element, Marsh says it can be a good idea to explore erotic hypnosis with someone you’re comfortable with so you can talk through boundaries prior to trying it with each other. Below, more on erotic hypnosis.

What Is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis uses hypnotic techniques to control your partner or yourself in a sexual way. But there’s more to it than chanting, “you are getting very sleepy.” One benefit of erotic hypnosis, says Marsh, is that it’s anchored in the mind. In this way, it can be an accessible form of sexuality and sensuality for anyone, regardless of what their body is capable of doing. Sometimes, an erotic hypnosis session will consist of things like orgasming on command or performing sexual acts on your partner. But in other cases, no physicality needs to occur: You could be hypnotized to talk through an erotic fantasy, for example.

Here’s a general outline of how a typical partnered situation may go. First, one of the partners will decide to be the hypnotist and the other will be hypnotized. The hypnotist, or guide, will “induce” hypnosis through their voice, usually by reading a script consisting of erotic hypnosis “commands.” Then, the hypnotizer will guide the partner through an agreed-upon sequence. Basically, the script will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. You’ll still be aware of what is going on but you may feel your conscious mind taking a backseat to whatever your partner suggests. For example, the hypnotist may tell you that you’re getting turned on. You might feel tingling and a rush without any touch, which may not happen when your conscious mind is in charge.

Marsh advises that it can be helpful to go slowly. Once the scene is done, the guide will bring the partner out of their hypnotic state. It’s normal for both guide and partner to feel a little vulnerable post-hypnotic session, especially when you’re both beginning.

How To Try Erotic Hypnosis

While there are erotic hypnosis tutorials on the internet, it can be helpful to go to an IRL workshop, says Marsh. She explains that the benefit is having an experienced facilitator who will work slowly and help you both learn the techniques, so you can practice and go deeper at home.

If you’re trying with a partner, the most important thing is to talk through boundaries before you enter a scene. Participants may agree on a safe word, but because hypnosis can bring people to an intense state where it may be hard to verbally communicate, having a safe gesture can be helpful too.

You can find erotic hypnosis scripts online, as well as YouTube video tutorials. It can be helpful to look through scripts together, or you can write your own script that both partners sign off on. Marsh stresses the importance of being on the same page. “The hypnotist [should] not deviate from that script or slip anything in there,” she adds. You may both want to take turns trying. Even if one person prefers being dominant, it can be helpful for both to experience the sensation of hypnotism.

If you’re looking to try erotic hypnotism alone, you can also write your own script, record it, and play it back to yourself. Or, you can listen to erotic hypnosis scripts on YouTube.

Erotic Hypnosis Vs. Audio Porn

Audio porn is sound-focused media curated for arousal for listeners. With erotic hypnosis, however, even if you’re listening to a script on YouTube, you’re expected to be an active participant. While you can fantasize while listening to audio porn, an erotic hypnosis session will actively guide the fantasy, often with you as the main character. They’re similar in that they both involve listening and arousal.

Overall, audio porn can be a great way to explore your desires, but erotic hypnosis makes you part of the action.

Where To Find Erotic Hypnosis Stories

Erotic hypnosis stories, or scripts, can be found in many places, including on social media and YouTube, or from a sexologist or a sex worker. Erotic hypnosis scripts can be firmly based in reality or can include more fantastical elements, like being a fembot from another planet. It’s completely up to you and your taste. Because erotic hypnosis is based in your mind, you can be or do anything you want as long as it’s safe and consensual for both of you. Over time, says Marsh, it’s even possible to erotically hypnotize someone over the phone or even over text, which can be great to have in your back pocket if you’re facing time apart.

Exploring erotic hypnosis — by yourself or with a partner — can be a powerful way to add layered elements to your sex life.


Amy Marsh, sexologist and hypnotist