10 Cracking Thursday Prompt Replies That Will Help You Get More Matches

Step one: consider refreshing your prompt regularly.

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Dating apps. Do those two little words strike fear into your heart, or get your thumbs twitching to swipe left and right? However you feel about them, there’s no denying that the lockdowns saw a soar in usage, with Tinder reporting that 2020 was their busiest ever year. The app saw an 11% increase in swipes and a 42% rise in matches per member. But, after years of virtual dates and time spent indoors, there’s also a yearning for more human connection. According to the Pew Research Centre, an American think tank for public opinion and trends, only 23% of dating app users in the U.S. have actually gone on an in-person date with a match. That’s where the new app on the block, Thursday, comes in.

Launched in 2021, Thursday is the self-proclaimed “offline dating app”. You create a profile with a few prompts to act as conversation starters, as with most dating apps. The catch? Thursday is only available to use one day a week. Every Thursday, the app unlocks and allows you to search through singles in your area, match, and set up a date. Much like Cinderella’s set-up, at midnight the app shuts down again and deletes all your matches. So, with just a 24-hour window to swap numbers or arrange a date, what’s the best way to get a match on Thursday?

“Thursday is all about the present and you need to make that clear with your profile,” says Thursday’s Partnership Lead, Jess Wreford. “Our app is all based on meeting that day, changing your prompts and answers every week is hugely important.”

So, if you’ve found a great new bar that you fancy going to, why not be bold and suggest 8 p.m drinks on your profile? Wreford also recommends showing all sides of your personality, rather than simply trying to make potential matches crack a smile. “Making every answer a joke means you don't actually get other aspects of your personality across,” she explains. So absolutely share your best one liners, but tell future dates what you’re passionate about too.

So, if you’re ready to get out there, how are you going to craft your Thursday app profile? Here are a few prompt ideas to get you started.

10 Great Thursday Prompt Ideas

Prompt: “My biggest guilty pleasure is…”

Answer: “Love Island. Get grafting.”

Prompt: “Would you rather…”

Answer: “Only be able to listen to one song for the rest of your life, or never be able to listen to any music again?”

Prompt: “My go-to karaoke song is…”

Answer: “Total Eclipse of the Heart, but it’s a duet… up for it?”

Prompt: “My ideal date today would be…”

Answer: “There’s a great new pub that’s opened near my office. Message me for details.”

Prompt: “A major green flag is…”

Answer: “Care for the environment. It’s something that’s important to me.”

Prompt: “The worst date I’ve ever been on went like this…”

Answer: “White top. Red wine. I’ll let you guess the rest.”

Prompt: “If my life were a movie, it would be…”

Answer: “The Godfather, because I love Italian food and my whole family has to vet everyone I date.”

Prompt: “Something I’m rubbish at but I love to do anyway…”

Answer: “Running! I’m the slowest runner in North London. No competition. So does that actually mean that, in a way, I’m good at it…?

Prompt: “My ride or die drink is..”

Answer: “Impossible to go wrong with a martini. I mean, unless it’s before 6 p.m.”

Prompt: “A little bit about me…”

Answer: “Dog person, coriander lover, introvert, coffee shops over pubs, addicted to Wordle. What about you?”

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