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In Case You Didn't Know, Heated Sex Toys Exist

And they're perfect for cold winter nights.

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Here we are on day 5,769 of the pandemic — or so it seems — and your trusty vibrator has been with you through it all. It's lulled you to sleep on stressful nights, and helped you feel a tiny bit better about being stuck at home, or away from a partner. But if you're starting to look at it for what it is — a cold hunk of silicone — get this: heated sex toys exist.

Typically, your average sex toy has one or two intriguing features. It might offer some pulsating action to stimulate your G-spot, or a sucking sensation meant to simulate oral sex. And while that's all well and good, there's something fun about throwing heat into the mix, especially now that it's the dead of winter.

So, if they weren't already on your radar — or if you're in need of a pick-me-up — check out the various options on the market. Actress Cara Delevingne recently introduced three new heated sex toys to the Lora DiCarlo line, which she co-owns with founder and CEO Lora Haddock DiCarlo. And other brands are right there with them. You've got the Jack Rabitt from Calexotics, as well as the heated massager from Yissda.

While they're often shaped liked dildos, heated sex toys can be used any way you like. You can insert them, use them on your clit, or — thanks to the way they mimic body temperature — lie back and imagine you're in bed with a real person. (Hopefully the days of virtual hookups being our one and only option will be over soon.) They also spare you the shock of inserting a cold sex toy, which is never fun.

While it might sound dangerous, heated sex toys don't actually get hot, per se. The heated massager from Yissda only gets up to 97 degrees, which is actually a whole degree less than your average body temperature. So if you're feeling iffy, start there. You can always work your way up to warmer options, over time.

The Drift from Lola DiCarlo heats to 104 degrees using "WarmSense" technology, which delivers even, consistent warmth for "enhanced circulation, arousal, and relaxation." And if you're feeling extra chilly, the Jack Rabbit reaches 137 degrees.

Whether you're bored, cold — or simply want to add a new, fun sensation to your daily masturbation session — a heated sex toy might be where it's at.

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