Wanna Try Hinge’s New Video Prompt Feature? Here Are 7 Tips

Get ready to record.

Here are tips for using Hinge's video prompt
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Swiping through profiles on dating apps can become monotonous after a while. After all, how many fish pictures or gym selfies can you come across before you want to throw in the towel? If you’re a Hinge user, however, you’re in luck: On Sept. 20, a new feature popped up on the app that is sure to switch things up. If you want to make your profile stand out and get better a sense of who your potential matches really are, you’ll love the new video prompt feature on Hinge.

Much like the preexisting voice prompt feature, Hinge daters can record videos up to 30 seconds based on one of 13 different prompts. Hinge’s love and connection expert, Moe Ari Brown, LMFT, says that it gives users a better glimpse into what their potential matches might be like IRL. “Video prompts are a new way for daters to show more of their personality,” he tells Bustle. (Brown uses he/they pronouns.) “Recording within the app makes it easy to create fun videos and encourages in-the-moment authenticity. Users can select from new video-specific prompts including, ‘hi from me and my pet,’ ‘can we talk about,’ ‘I’m a 10 but’ and more.”

Brown notes that watching videos of potential matches can attract users to specific elements about their personality — especially their gestures. “More than half of Hinge daters find mannerisms to be the most interesting part about watching a video of a potential partner, followed by the sound of their voice and seeing their environment. Video prompts are a fun, effective way to assess compatibility and minimize the guesswork around someone’s personality, leading to better dates and a more fun dating journey,” they say. If nothing else, you may just discover a new “ick” if you come across enough wacky ones.

In the age of FaceTiming over phone calls, Maria Avgitidis, matchmaker and host of the Ask a Matchmaker podcast, previously told Bustle that Hinge’s new video prompts are a great way to get a glimpse at how someone might interact in person. “We are living in a time where TikTok and reels have become standard practice of infotainment. Of course a dating app like Hinge would bring out the video prompt. Being able to see how someone communicates, even for thirty seconds, can tell you so much more than a snapshot of a nanosecond of someone life,” she said.

Ready to hit record? Before you do, check out Brown’s top seven tips for using Hinge’s video prompts below.

Be Authentic

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Although it may seem obvious, allowing others to see your true self can be challenging, especially on dating apps. But it’s a great way to ensure that you’re attracting the quality connections you want, so it’s a good idea to work on overcoming any fear around opening up. “Sharing your truth and honoring your uniqueness is key!” Brown says. “Being your authentic self attracts genuine relationships. You should show potential matches who you are right now — not who you were, who you think you need to be for others, or even who you hope to be in the future.”

Hinge strives to be a safe and inclusive space, and according to Brown, it’s a great option for LGBTQ+ daters. He recommends that queer folk express themselves in whatever way feels best for them on the video prompt feature: “For gender-expansive people, I always encourage you to present in ways that encourage euphoria and alignment! Not only will you feel more confident, it will radiate from you and be apparent to others.”

Show Off Your Sense Of Humor

Are you funny? If so, give Hinge’s video prompt feature a go. “Have a go-to dad joke? Are you an expert at celebrity impressions? Give potential matches a peek at your funny side!” they say. You can show a PowerPoint presentation on why someone should date you (using the “my review of…” prompt) or stage a hilarious mini Food Network episode (with the “cook with me” prompt).

Do A Single Take

If you feel a bit nervous about getting it right, Brown suggests trying not to overthink it and record multiple tries. “You might be tempted to keep rerecording, but the more you redo it, the less natural it’ll likely become,” he says. “You’ll start sounding less and less like yourself.” If you’re worried about recording a video prompt you’re really happy with, try practicing in the mirror or with a friend.

Bring A Loved One In

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Speaking of friends, Brown suggests using them in your video. “Respond to the prompt ‘a friend’s review of me’ by inviting someone close to you to describe why you’re an amazing catch,” they say. “For example, one dater brought in the person who knows her best, her grandmother!” You can gather a few single friends together to have a “prompt party” where each of you contributes to the others’ video prompts. Make a fun night of it, and you’ll be sure to both feel more comfortable on camera and leave with a great addition to your profile.

Pull A Room Raiders

Do you have some quirky memorabilia in your room or a stuffed animal from childhood? Consider featuring those in your video prompt. You might strike a chord with another user who shares your nerdy niche or who also keeps nostalgic comfort items close to their heart. “Show off your most prized possessions with the prompt, ‘things I own that just make sense.’ A home tour is a great way to show off your personality,” he says.

Try A “Show-And-Tell”

Singers, dancers, artists, and creatives to the front: Showing off your skills — in whatever you’re good at — can be an endearing and attractive way to show what makes you special. “If you’ve got a talent, this is time for a quick ‘show-and-tell.’ Highlighting your strengths is a great way to exude confidence and attract matches,” Brown says. Try using the “let me teach you how to” prompt to give a quick tutorial while showing off your talents.

Be Confident

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Above all, Hinge users want to see that you know who you are — and that you’re proud of it. Exuding a sense of self-worth and showing that you’re comfortable being yourself in a video prompt is a great way to bring in matches of that same caliber. Brown says it can even give other users a glimpse into what you might be like as a future partner. “Confidence is an inviting and attractive quality, reflecting high self-esteem and personal value,” they explain. “To potential matches, confidence conveys safety and security within oneself, both highly desirable qualities for partnership.”


Moe Ari Brown, LMFT, Hinge’s love and connection expert

Maria Avgitidis, professional matchmaker and host of the Ask a Matchmaker podcast