A Beginner’s Guide To Double-Sided Vibrators

Double the vibration, double the pleasure.

by Morgan Mandriota
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Calling all vibrating sex toy fans: It’s time to experience double the pleasure with double-sided vibrators. These toys vibrate at each end to be used in more ways than a typical vibe with the motor at only one end. “Sometimes, the two vibes have different strengths or functions, or one side is sized and shaped differently, so the user can choose which end they want to play with at any given time,” sexologist Carol Queen, PhD., tells Bustle. According to Queen, some people prefer the product’s ease of use since its long handle can easily access the vulva.

Double-sided vibrators can be inserted vaginally or anally, used externally to stimulate the clitoris (or your aching back), and enjoyed solo or with a partner — at the same time or not. The pleasure combinations are endless. Note: These toys are not to be confused with double-ended dildos. Although double-sided vibrators can take the form of a double-sided vibrating dildo, Jaycee Chester, owner of sex toy retailer Overkink, tells Bustle that these dual vibrators typically offer variations of vibration patterns, shapes, and features that most dildos don’t.

Types Of Double-Sided Vibrators

Double-sided vibrators come in different styles, sizes, and lengths for different purposes. The common denominator between them all? Two separate (controllable) motors. “Each motor has its own button, so one end can be powered off completely while the other is active, or each can be set to a different vibration pattern to enjoy or withhold any combination of the powerful vibrating modes,” Chester says.

According to Queen, some of the most common types of double-sided vibes include the wand-style, double dildo style, and double bullet style. Other products are heated (like Lora DiCarlo’s Sway) or feature wireless controls for remote play (like this Doc Johnson Kink dual-flex silicone vibrator).

Ultimately, Chester says the type of product you want to buy depends on what type of play you plan to engage in. If you don’t know where to start, try an insertable-and-external toy, like any of the ones listed above, which will enable you to explore and figure out what type of stimulation you enjoy most.

Ways To Enjoy Double-Sided Vibrators

Couples can enjoy double-sided vibrators in several ways, depending on the shape and length of the toy. If the product is long enough, it can penetrate both partners at the same time. However, Queen says that this experience may seem hot but can actually be awkward IRL. She suggests trying a modified scissor position, where both partners aren’t right up against each other but far enough apart to insert the vibe and move it as desired.

“Double-sided vibrators can also be used for solo play, whether you use one end as a handle or allow for double penetration,” says Chester. The separate settings and patterns on each end of the toy can be fun to experiment with while masturbating, too. Users might enjoy this freedom to switch things up and choose which side they're going to play with at any point during the experience, per Queen.

If the toy is flexible enough (read: bendable without harming the toy), solo or partnered double penetration is possible, too. “The ones that facilitate double penetration will allow the user to explore a blended orgasm by stimulating two erogenous areas at once,” Queen says, noting that many folks prefer the smaller and/or smoother end of the toy for anal play.

Friendly reminder: Don’t prioritize penetration. Queen says these vibes can be used on all surfaces with both ends and are awesome for exploring. For best results (read: the most pleasure possible), use this toy to combine clitoral stimulation with penetration.

How To Safely Use Double-Sided Vibrators

Always use toy-compatible lube. For example, never use silicone lube with silicone products to avoid product damage. Aim for high-quality water-based lubricants whenever possible.

Be careful to avoid potential health issues when playing with more than one hole. “Remember that depending on the length of the toy, the anal side might be pretty close to the vaginal side,” says Queen. She recommends using condoms on the toy when swapping among partners or during simultaneous or double penetration.

Regular check-ins are also key for a safer, more pleasurable partnered experience. “If you’re partnered, communicate with your partner — especially if you’re using the item simultaneously — to make sure you’re both comfortable and enjoying yourself,” says Chester.

Double-Sided Vibrator Aftercare Tips

After using the vibrator, remember to wash it thoroughly. Follow Queen’s cleaning rules: “If it's waterproof, use running water with mild soap or a toy cleaner. If it's water-resistant, cover any part of the toy that might let moisture in, like charging ports. If it's not waterproof, spray-on cleaner or wipes are easy to use.”

When you’re done playing, take good care of yourself and your partner. If penetration was involved, don’t forget to pee after sex to flush out any potential bacteria from the urethra. Then, hydrate, cuddle up and chat to see what you enjoyed about the experience and whether or not you want to play with double-sided vibrators again.


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