7 Best Rabbit Vibrators To Try

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Although the Rabbit vibrator initially was made famous in a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte got a little too addicted to her hers, the Rabbit has been around since 1984. It was originally created by sex toy brand, Vibratex, and was one of the first sex toys made to stimulate both the outside and inside of the vagina, making it pretty damn revolutionary at the time. Actually, it's still revolutionary, because who doesn't want both their G-spot and clitoris stimulated simultaneously?

While the original Rabbit was made because it was believed the shape was non-intimidating (after the company had experimented with beavers, kangeroos, and turtles), that doesn't mean that someone new to this type of vibrator or a sex toy beginner isn't going to look at a selection of Rabbit vibrators and not be overwhelmed by all the different versions. Knowing where to start when it comes to any type of sex toy can feel like a bit much.

So if you're thinking it's time to introduce the Rabbit into your sex life, meaning you're ready for clitoral and vaginal stimulation at once, then you should definitely go for it. Here are seven Rabbit vibrators to try, whether you're a sex toy pro or totally new to the world of vibrators.