10-Minute Stretching Videos That Give Your Muscles Some TLC

Unfurl every part of your body.

10-minute stretching videos that give your muscles some TLC.
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Stretches are just as important as your actual workout. Doing some as part of a warm-up is the optimal way to get your body primed to perform, while a cool-down stretch sesh can help your muscles recover and prevent potential aches and pains. And you don’t have to spend that much time doing them: These 10-minute stretching videos on Youtube are perfect for squeezing into even the busiest schedules.

While stretching can serve as a perfect get-ready or winding-down tool in exercise, it’s also a great stand-alone practice when your body is just feeling tight or achey. That’s because stretching lengthens your muscles, which is important for workout recovery and to simply combat WFH tension (like lower back pain or tight hips and hammies). And you can choose a stretching routine for whatever concern you’re facing — whether you’re looking to ease post-exercise workout soreness, neck tension, or for more overall flexibility, there are poses to drop into that can help.

YouTube happens to be a treasure trove of stretching ideas, and there are countless options that give your muscles some TLC in 10 minutes or less. To help guide you through some body-lengthening and tightness-busting routines, these 10-minute stretching videos are perfect for any workout you’re trying to achieve.


Morning Full-Body Stretch

The popular YouTube channel Yoga With Kassandra has tons of short stretching videos. This one is perfect for those who find it hard to get moving in the morning. The slow movements help iron out any aches you feel upon rolling out of bed.


The Ultimate Warm-Up Or Cool-Down

Looking for a solid warm-up or cool-down sesh? This full-body stretching video provides all kinds of mobility-boosting poses, from cat-cow poses to hip flexor-opening low lunges.


Stretch For Stress-Relief

Feeling pandemic fatigue all too frequently lately? This full-body stretch video is meant to relieve stress through slow, intentional poses.


A Recovery Cool-Down

If you’ve ever taken one of Chloe Ting’s workouts, you know they’re intense (in the best way possible). After completing a vigorous workout, try her cool-down stretching routine to soothe your muscles so you’ll be ready to slay your exercise the next day.


Stretch For Lower Back Pain

Physical therapist and Pilates teacher Jessica Valant has the perfect antidote to back pain: relaxing Pilates. She walks you through twisty poses that open up your back muscles, and there’s no standing required, which definitely makes it easy on your lower back.


Lower Body Stretches

Does your lower body need some extra love? These deep stretches are meant to give relief to your all-important leg muscles and leave you feeling more limber.


Deep Hip Stretches

Deep hip stretches are beneficial for anyone that sits at a desk all day. Each pose in this 10-minute video focuses on every nook and cranny of your hips for extra relief.


Hamstring And Lower Body Stretches

If you’re always feeling tight or sore in your hamstrings, this stretching video is for you. In just 10 minutes, you’ll create more space in the commonly tense part of your lower body.


Upper Body And Shoulder Stretch

Arm day can take a lot out of you. Try recovering with this stretching video that targets upper body mobility. It’ll also feel really good if your shoulders are hunched over a computer screen all day.


Neck And Upper Body Stretch

Another reason to love Yoga With Adriene? Besides yoga classes, she offers some stretching videos that target different body parts. This one combines super simple neck stretches along with poses that work the upper body, all from a seated position.