The Best Yoga With Adriene Classes For Tight Hips

These'll bring much-needed TLC.

7 Yoga With Adriene hip-opening yoga flows that bring relief.
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If you sit a lot for work or school, you might notice that you have tight hips the second you stand up and try to walk. It’ll be that annoying pulling sensation that starts in your hip flexors and maybe even radiates to your lower back and legs. That’s where a body-opening yoga session can come to the rescue.

Of course, one of the most popular digital destinations for yoga flows is certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler’s super-popular YouTube channel, which is brimming with all sorts of targeted stretch routines for the back, shoulders, neck, and beyond. Then there are Yoga With Adriene hip-opening sessions meant specifically for the all-too-common WFH body ache. These feature all of your fave poses to lengthen, loosen, and lubricate the joints and muscles in the pelvic region — think pigeon, butterfly, frog, and more.

It’s important to remember that all of your different muscle groups are connected, as Mishler likes to remind you in her videos. When one area gets tight (like your hips), it starts to pull on other areas (like your lower back), thus creating tension and pain in parts of your body that are seemingly unrelated. That’s why, while the yoga flows below zero in on your hips, a lot of them also include stretches for your back and legs, too.

Whether you choose to do a quick 6-minute video or commit to a longer yoga flow, you’re bound to find a Yoga With Adriene video that’ll stretch your hips in a way that gets you back to your limber self.


Hips & Lower Back

This popular video (it has over 10 million views!) focuses on stretching out your hips and lower back in a 23-minute yoga flow. You’ll start off in a spine-lengthening, hamstring-opening seated forward fold, which benefits your lower body all the way through your hips. Mishler will also guide you through staff pose, frog pose, and other “yummy” poses for tight hips.


6-Minute Stretch

It may not sound like much, but 6 minutes really can make all the difference when you have tight hips. This video will start you off down on the mat doing gentle twists and deep breathing before moving on to figure-fours, cobbler’s pose, and one-legged lizards. Come back to it regularly to lubricate your hips and reduce pain.


Hip-Opening Flow

In just 11 minutes, Mishler starts the muscle-lengthening goodness with a surprisingly stretchy seated pose meant to target the hips. She’ll then guide you through other simple but effective poses that’ll leave you feeling more open — all without having to stand up on your mat.


Yoga For Psoas

Your psoas muscles connect through the lower spine and pelvis and often feel tight and achey when you sit too much. You’ll loosen up that tension hotspot through a series of moves like child’s pose, cat-cow (with added leg extensions), and pyramid. You’ll also hear Mishler explain how the muscles and the emotions are all tied together, so be extra nice to yourself throughout this practice as you “release” tension in your body and mind.


Hips & Heart

If you want an extra deep stretch, grab a towel or yoga strap to help assist you through these “heart and hip” stretches from Mishler. Throughout the 25-minute session, she recommends focusing on the sensation of each position versus what it looks like. Your hips will benefit from poses like figure-four and bridge.


Hips & Core

This 11-minute video is perfect if you’re looking to loosen up after a long day. In it, you’ll move through a swift, intermediate-level yoga flow that focuses on building core strength as well as stability in the hips via poses like a lunge twist, warrior one, and warrior two. It was also filmed on a beach, which is a total vibe.


Hips & Hamstrings

Open your hips and stretch your hamstrings at the same time with this 30-minute flow featuring low lunges, hip circles, cobra pose, and downward dog (and more), all meant to target the backs of the legs. Mishler tosses in a few shoulder and neck stretches for good measure, too. By the end, you’ll feel less stiff and more like Gumby.