The 17 Best Yoga With Adriene Videos To Add To Your Morning Routine

Nama-slay the day.

Open up your hips with these stretches.

One of the easiest ways to start your day feeling calm and grounded is by hitting the mat and moving through some yoga poses. If you're looking for ways to practice so you can achieve that sunrise Zen, these are the best Yoga With Adriene videos for the morning to add to your a.m. routine.

Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler's Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel is beloved by seasoned yogis and beginners alike — over nine million of them, to be more exact — thanks to her customizable, approachable flows. She's all about finding what feels good and listening to your body. Within her catalogue of over 600 workouts, classes range in length, from snackable five-minute sessions to hour-long flows, meant for all fitness levels, bodies, and backgrounds. You can find everything from yoga sessions that target lower back pain or bring joy, and those that stretch specific body parts like the hamstrings or hips — there's a flow for practically every mood and concern. And, yes: That includes yoga classes specifically meant to help ease you into your day.

Whether you're looking to get your a.m. sweat on or just ease into some gentle movement, these 17 Yoga With Adriene videos are perfect for fitting into a morning routine.


Yoga To Help You Wake Up

Waking up can be easier said than done. If you need a little help rising and shining, this short video is the perfect way to rouse your body, set your intention for the day, and find a moment of tranquility before you hit the ground running.


Stretch & Strengthen

Treat yourself to some early morning TLC with this sunrise yoga session. It eases you into tiny movements before working into a full-body flow that will leave you feeling loose and strong.


5-Minute Morning Stretch

Hit snooze one too many times but still want to squeeze in a morning yoga sesh? Adriene has got you covered. This 5-minute sequence awakens your spine and stretches out sleepy muscles if you're short on time.


A Full Morning Flow

Lengthen and strengthen (and maybe even work up a sweat) with this refreshing morning practice. Playful movements and core-boosting poses get your mind and body warmed up in 35 minutes of bendy poses.


Yoga For Energy

If coffee just isn't going to cut it, try this energizing sequence for some extra heat. It's a body-aligning flow that matches your breath to your movement, meant to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for tackling your to-do list.


Yoga For Period Pain

There's no worse alarm clock than period aches. Find some relief with this class for easing cramps so that your whole day doesn't have to revolve around your heating pad.


Get Your Juices Flowing

In just under 10 minutes, this quick but lively sequence gets your blood pumping — making it a simple addition to morning routines for early birds and night owls alike.


Morning Yoga For Beginners

Whether you're starting your yoga journey or just want to get back to the basics, this 20-minute flow is the perfect introduction to gentle postures that can prime your body and mind for the day ahead. Equal parts meditative and energetic, prepare to feel calm and alive once you step off the mat.


Gentle Yoga To Help You Wake Up

This beginner-friendly yoga class guides you through alignment and breath basics while moving through gentle stretches and twists that'll help you work out any creaks and cracks in your sleepy joints.


Yoga To Build Focus

If working out is already a part of your morning routine, this 40-minute sequence will fit right in. Think big morning stretches and chest-opening poses to awaken your body, boost mobility, and strengthen.


Grounding Breathwork

If going from ZZZs to yoga flows is a little too much action, try this breathing class to calm your mind before your daily dose of caffeine. If you want more, Adriene offers a month-long series that lets you explore more breathwork.


Cozy Blanket Yoga

If you'd rather stay under the covers, there's a Yoga With Adriene class for that. Use blankets as props to stretch stiff limbs and warm cold joints to gently awaken your body. The best part? You'll have the coziest savasana of all time.


Get Centered

If you're feeling dazed after your alarm snatched you out of dreamland, try this video to help you find your center before leaping into your day. This 18-minute breath- and core-focused class will help you feel grounded as you transition from fast asleep to wide awake.


Yoga For When You Feel Dead Inside

If pandemic stress or the never-ending cycle of doomscrolling is taking its toll, this breath and movement class can help your mind and body more alive — or at least reassure you that if you're feeling blah, you're not alone.


Awaken Your Mind And Body

This 25-minute energizing flow begins with gentle cat-cows to mobilize the spine before moving you through a full-body vinyasa, which'll leave your body feeling more open and invigorated.


This Grounding Meditation

Roll out of bed and onto your meditation pillow for this morning meditation. Adriene guides you through breathwork and body relaxation techniques to encourage clarity and mindfulness so you can start your day a little more stress-free.


Yoga To Relieve Stress

Tackle your stress head-on in the mornings with this 20-minute session of mindful breathing and stretching designed to lower your stress hormone levels so you can go about your day feeling a little lighter.

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