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TikTok’s 9 Best Morning Routine Ideas

If you hate the fact that there is such a thing as six in the morning, there's still hope for you.

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Whether you wake up with the sun or with a blaring alarm that your roommate keeps begging you to change, navigating the whole Being Awake thing can be a challenge. Even on the best of days, it can be a minefield to figure out how to start your day without accidentally stressing yourself to high heavens. And even though you probably should avoid social media right when you wake up, you can still get great morning routine ideas on TikTok.

If you're already a morning person, you might want to freshen up your morning routine with gratitude journaling or a nice morning workout. But if you hate the fact that there is such a thing as six in the morning, there's still hope for you. Heading outside (even just for a couple of minutes) or doing mundane things like brushing your teeth and making the bed can help your mind accept the fact that yes, alas, you are awake now.

Whether you're a night owl or early bird, though, try to make sure you're not diving right onto your phone. Your morning will start calmer if you don't dive right into work emails and scrolling. Learn about these nine TikTok morning tips now so you don't have to do all that work when your eyes first crack open.

Journal Into Your Day

Use a journal to start your day's journey, this TikTok advises. Try beginning your morning by writing down what you're grateful for, what you plan to do to make today awesome, and a couple of positive affirmations. This way, you'll kickstart your day by focusing on your internal growth and happiness rather than that work to-do list that puts a pit in your stomach.

Play Some Tunes

My best friend never starts his morning without Mariah and Whitney, and my wife's morning isn't a happy one without a combination of power ballads and '90s indie rock. This TikTok suggests kicking off your morning with your favorite music to set yourself up for a great day.

Visualize Your Goals

Going after your dreams isn't about sinking right into your daily to-do list while you're still in PJs. This TikTok recommends prepping for success by visualizing your goals in the morning when you wake up to get your mind into a confident place. Try accompanying your thoughts with a workout and some breakfast to get your brain and body ready for the day.

Stretch In Bed

You can start your day off right before your feet even touch the floor. Try cycling through a few morning stretches in bed, this TikTok suggests, followed by brushing your teeth and drinking some water. This way, you'll wake up your body gradually and pleasantly.


If you want to start your day off peacefully even when your mind is chaotic, this TikTok encourages you to try to remember S.A.V.E.R.S. It stands for silence, affirmation, visualize, exercise, and reading. You don't have to wake up and dive right into the hustle — give yourself a few quiet moments, full of affirmations and positive visualizations, to begin your morning with confidence.

Start Your Morning Routine At Night

There are five quick steps for starting your day off right, according to this TikTok. In the morning, make your bed so you can feel organized, jot down three things you're grateful for so you can start on a positive note, and drink a glass of water to kick off today's hydration game. But the routine starts the night before, with setting your alarm(s) so you can get up on time and writing a to-do list before you go to bed. That way, you can wake up without feeling scattered.

Avoid Your Phone

No matter how tempting it might be, try to avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning. This TikTok advises sinking into your body and a positive headspace with some yoga and hydration before starting to scroll.

Go Outside

This TikTok recommends heading outside in the morning after making your bed and grabbing some water. Even if only you only step out for a few minutes, you'll give yourself that boost of early morning air and sun.

Work It Out

Help your body wake up by working out in the morning, this TikTok advises. You don't have to have a major sweat session to get yourself moving so your body and mind can start the day feeling energized and awake.