10 Brilliant At-Home Workout Motivation Tips To Steal From TikTok

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These 10 at-home workout motivation tips from TikTok are brilliant.
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Summoning the energy to put down your screen and get out of bed to exercise can be tough — especially if you're just working out in your living room. That's where social media apps come in: These motivation tips for working out at home from TikTok can inspire you to overcome that pre-sweat dread and slay your digital fitness routine.

It can be hard to find and maintain a workout routine you enjoy while you're stuck at home. There's no set schedule, after all, so you're not exactly forced to make it to a gym class on time to avoid late fees (remember that?). But TikTok happens to be chock-full of genius hacks that can get you into the exercising mood and ease the transition from couch to cardio (or whatever activity you love).

Whether it's scheduling a class with a friend or suiting up in your favorite athletic wear, there are little tweaks you can do that'll bring you to your yoga mat or resistance band so you can reap all the physical and mental health benefits of moving your body — and even have fun doing so. Check out these 10 brilliant motivation tips for at-home workouts on TikTok for major inspo.


Put On Your Workout Clothes

Start with the basics: Put on the right outfit. Whether you treat yourself to new athletic wear or slip into your favorite leggings, this TikTok recommends wearing your workout clothes to put you in the right headspace to start exercising. If you need an extra nudge, add your gym shoes, running belt, boxing wraps, or other gear on top of that — dress for the job you want, basically.


Imagine How You'll Feel Afterwards

Feeling sluggish before a workout can stop you in your tracks. But before throwing in the towel, this TikTok user suggests envisioning how great you'll feel after exercising so you can chase that feeling until you're done with your sweat sesh.


Follow The 10-Minute Rule

Anticipating an hour-long workout can feel daunting. This TikTok hack instead recommends committing to just 10 minutes of exercise at a time. After that, you can be done for the day, though you might find that you'll feel inspired to do another 10 minutes (and perhaps another, then another!).


Exercise To A Soundtrack

Whatever type of workout you're doing, put on the soundtrack to your favorite movie and let the music put you in the zone. Per this TikTok user, feeling like you're the main character in an action movie will push you to perform like a superhero.


Plan Something You Love After Your Workout

Sometimes completing your workout just isn't enough. This TikTok recommends treating yourself after you sweat for a motivation boost to power through. Whether it's watching your favorite movie or reading a book, you'll have something to look forward to.


Make It Social

Whether it's a TikTok dance session with your roommate or virtual workout classes with your BFFs, exercising with people you love can be a recipe for showing up, staying accountable, and having fun.


Watch Your Favorite Show

Sometimes leaving the TV on is the best way to get moving. If you're knee-deep in Bridgerton and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, keep your mind occupied with Regency-era drama while hitting the cardio machine like in this TikTok or as you crank out a bodyweight workout on your floor.


Think Of Exercise Like It's Medicine

This TikTok user encourages treating exercise like it's medicine. In a way, it is: Workouts can help boost your mood and relieve stress in addition to making you stronger.


Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Not in the mood to run? Turn on your favorite song and start dancing, says this TikTok. Once you're up and moving, you might get into the mindset to tackle your fitness routine — or heck, just make dancing your whole workout (dance cardio is a thing, after all).


Prioritize Activities You Like

It can be especially hard to make yourself go on a run if you hate running or try HIIT circuits if it feels intimidating. Instead, focus on doing activities that you love so that you're naturally excited to do the exercise, like this TikTok user suggests.

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