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This Treadmill Seriously Upgraded My At-Home Workouts

Meet the ProForm Pro 9000.

An editor's review of the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill, a fitness machine that upgraded her home worko...

Finding the motivation to work out and — more importantly — do it properly are the hardest parts of my exercise routine. As someone who has struggled to keep a consistent workout schedule, I decided to commit to a personal trainer in early 2020. Of course, that was also around the time gyms closed during lockdown. Just my luck, right?

Being closed off from my new trainer turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Once I ran out of my normal workout options, I decided to whip up a mini gym in my home office. First up: I invested in the ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill, which includes an iFit program linking you to trainers and their personally-designed HIIT-style exercises alongside studio classes and strength training sessions, and that’s when everything changed for me.

Having the convenience of a workout space right in my home instantly made me feel more comfortable and motivated to sweat. It singlehandedly allowed me to dodge all the obstacles that would normally persuade me to skip my workouts: I didn’t have to venture outside, awkwardly change in a locker room, or work out next to professionals while I’m still on a beginner level. Instead, I could go at my own pace and exercise any time of day. As for the prep and commute, it was non-existent; I was only going upstairs to my office-slash-gym.

The best part, however, is I didn’t have to sacrifice my desire for professional training since the tread basically has it built-in to the machine. Keep reading for my review of the ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill and how it completely upgraded my at-home fitness routine.

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First Up: The Basics

I’m no stranger to treadmills — they’re my machine of choice every time I hit the gym — but the ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill takes the machine to another level. The major feature that sets it apart is each purchase comes with an iFit Family Membership. (Note: Only the first 30 days are free after which the membership will auto-renew to $39 a month.)

iFit offers instructor-led yoga, on-demand personal trainers, and over 300 studio workout classes. So the treadmill brings me the best of both worlds: It enables me to get a convenient at-home workout on a solid tread plus instruction from trainers that know what they’re doing.

Whenever I just want to run without a class, I get a kick out of changing the sizable (22 inch!) touch screen to show scenic locations around the world as I log miles; that really came in handy when I was stuck at home during the lockdown.

Why I’m Obsessed

The Pro 9000 truly blows my mind for its versatility. I never thought I’d be able to use a treadmill for yoga, HIIT classes, and meditation, but here we are. This is a huge perk because, TBH, I’m not a fan of running seven days a week — I prefer to switch up my workouts, and that’s something this machine allows me to easily do.

Moreover, there’s a fitness tracker built into the equipment that automatically records your training sessions, which the treadmill uses to influence future workouts. It measures things like your heart rate, calories burned, and miles run, and then keeps a record of it so you can see your progress over time.

Perhaps one of its most appealing perks, though? Its sleek design and folding capability that make it friendly to those working with limited square footage (including me and my tiny New York apartment).


The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill combined with the iFit program completely changed my approach to exercising. In addition to having plenty of instructor-led workouts to choose from — well beyond just a standard run — there’s no beating the convenience and comfort of having an all-in-one machine at home. Gone are the days of commuting to the gym, dressing up in different workout outfits, and feeling intimidated by whoever’s running next to me.

Above all, you’ll get your money’s worth. You won’t have to shoulder exorbitant payments for personal trainers or workout classes; you get all that and more with the treadmill and iFit membership, making it the ultimate one-stop shop. If you’re struggling with at-home workouts like I was, this treadmill will change the game for you.