Your Love Life This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

The best card came up.

While any relationship will have its fair share of ups and downs, this week promises to be pretty positive in the love department — at least, according to the cards.

Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual counselor, pulled three tarot cards to answer a set of love-related questions for the days ahead, and he also shared some helpful advice that’ll have you seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

Card 1: What do I need to know about dating or my relationship this week?

The Ten of Cups is the tarot card you want to see during a love reading. According to Wang, it symbolizes harmony, joy, and emotional fulfillment, especially as it pertains to your relationships. Because really, what could be more love-coded than hugging and dancing under a rainbow?

“This week promises a time of contentment and shared happiness, whether you’re single or in a relationship,” he says. If you’re single, keep an eye out for glimmers of positivity and connectedness in the days ahead, whether it’s with friends, family — or even little moments you have with yourself.

It sounds corny, but these glimmers are what life’s all about. And according to Wang, the positivity also has a ripple effect. It teaches you to look for good things and good people, and it makes it easier to recognize who’s worth your time — and maybe even who’s worth a second date.

“For those in relationships, expect moments of deep connection and the strengthening of your bond,” says Wang. This week could be full of romantic moments and steamy dates.

Card 2: How can I attract more love this week?

The Six of Swords is all about healing and letting go of the past. The card shows people paddling away from rough waters to calmer seas — and what appears to be a pretty nice island — and that’s an ideal metaphor to to keep in mind, especially if you’ve been wondering when it’ll be your turn to find love.

“To attract more love this week, it’s essential to let go of past hurts and embrace change with an open heart,” Wang says. “This might involve leaving behind emotional baggage or old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you.”

While this is way easier said than done, a good place to start is by simply noticing if or when your decision-making seems to be swayed by the past. If, for example, you refuse to go on a date because you’re worried everyone you meet will be exactly like your ex, take it as your sign to keep paddling out of those rough waters.

Wang suggests practicing a positive outlook as you shake off and recover from your roster not-so-great relationships. If you stop dwelling on the past, you’ll not only free yourself up to enjoy dating again, but you’ll also be more likely to notice a good thing when it comes your way.

Card 3: How does my date or significant other feel about me this week?

If your relationship has been on the rocks, the Seven of Wands could reveal that your partner will put in extra effort this week to set things right. “They view you as someone worth fighting for,” says Wang, so they might go above and beyond to keep your connection going strong.

If you had a dumb argument and immediately blocked their number, consider giving them one more chance to apologize. “The Seven of Wands reflects determination and resilience,” he says. “Despite any challenges that might arise, they’re committed to working through them.”

You’ll know the relationship is worth it if you meet up, talk things through, and then come out the other side feeling peaceful and harmonious. That said, don’t get it twisted and think that dramatic ups and downs or toxic arguing is a sign of true love. (Sometimes it really is better to keep people blocked.)

If you’re single and looking, Wang says the Seven of Wands suggests your future partner is currently working through a set of challenges or bumps in the road, and that they’ll walk into your life as soon as that phase is over. You’ll know it’s them if you’re attracted to their strength and all that they’ve overcome.


Letao Wang, astrologer, tarot reader, spiritual counselor