6 Underrated Masturbation Techniques That'll Upgrade Your Solo Time

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Underrated masturbation techniques that'll upgrade your solo time.
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You could soak in the bath or do a guided meditation, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like opening that top drawer and, uh, vibing your worries away. After all, masturbating has plenty of legit health benefits. Research has found that touching yourself from time to time can offer you better sleep, less stress, and a lifted mood — and who wouldn’t want all of that? That said, after a while, reaching for your rabbit for the 10th time in a week can get old.

Thankfully, masturbation can look different for everyone — and there are countless techniques you can play around with when you’re in the mood to get down. “While there are some that are more widely known than others, there are a few underrated masturbation techniques that are guaranteed to spice up your solo sexual wellness routines,” says Megwyn White, a certified clinical sexologist and director of education at sexual wellness brand Satisfyer. Hopping into bed, grabbing old faithful, and getting down to it can definitely fulfill you (in more ways than one), but you never know — another method for solo sex might just strike your fancy.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, keep reading for six underrated masturbation techniques that experts recommend.


Water Masturbation

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If you’re looking to have some squeaky-clean fun, psychotherapist and intimacy coach Jacqueline Sherman recommends masturbating in the bathtub. “Water masturbation is the practice of stimulating your genitals sexually with water, typically with pressure applied,” she tells Bustle, noting that genitals can include the clitoris, vagina, testicles, perineum, and anus.

If you don’t have a detachable showerhead or are looking for more direct and intense stimulation, the Water Slyde from Lovability is a fantastic accessory. It ties onto your bathtub faucet, and once you position yourself with your legs open under it, the attachment directs the water pressure directly down onto your genital area for hands-free masturbation. Sherman suggests switching up the water temperature and pressure for a more sensual experience, and says that anyone can try kegels to increase their pleasure in this technique. Using water play, especially with a tool like the Water Slyde, also makes this masturbation form disability-friendly.



When you’re downright horny, it’s natural to want to whip out your favorite sex toy and just get right to having an amazing orgasm. Experts suggest practicing an alternative method, however, to really bring your pleasure to the next level: patience. It might not sound fun at first, but edging is a super underrated masturbation technique that anyone can try — and enjoy — solo dolo.

“The practice of edging includes intentionally bringing yourself to the verge of orgasm to prolong the orgasmic experience and intensify pleasure and climax,” Sherman says. “This practice helps improve your blood flow and level of physiological arousal.” You can practice it on yourself, then also try it the next time you and your partner get down.


Sensory Masturbation

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Experimenting with different environments and sensations doesn’t have to be reserved for partnered sex. White is a big fan of sensory sex during masturbation, aka exploring the way different stimuli of your senses make you feel.

Playing around with soft and rough materials, blindfolding yourself, or trying temperature-related techniques like wax play can really up the ante of your self-pleasure game. One thing she recommends is incorporating peeled ginger, which gives a warming sensation. “The juices can naturally help in activating blood flow and cause a stimulating tingling effect for increased sensitivity of nerves,” she tells Bustle. FYI: It’s important to make sure the ginger is fully peeled, and to avoid entirely if you have any allergies to the root.


Hands-Free Self-Pleasure

There’s also the option of giving yourself a hands-free orgasm. White says you can take pleasure outside of the bedroom with tools like remote-controlled panty vibrators like the Satisfyer Little Secret Connect App. “Toys like this will allow you to experience pleasure in new places or while on-the-go,” she says.


Mindful Masturbation

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Tapping into your inner spiritual self might be the key to some major orgasms. It might sound backwards, but masturbating in a meditative way by getting in your head is totally underrated. “Mindful or meditative masturbation is another technique that is vastly overlooked,” Sherman says. You may already be familiar with the practice of mindfulness, which entails being present and aware of your environment and emotions. Sexually, though? “It involves exploring your body and senses erotically while maintaining awareness of your body and feelings,” Sherman explains. “It will often require you to slow down and pay attention to your body with intentionality.”

In order to give it a whirl, Sherman says it’s important to stay in the present moment, connect to your breath, and focus on exactly what you’re feeling. To help intensify feelings of self-love, she recommends using sensual affirmations (for example, “I am deserving of erotic pleasure”). Also, focus on taking deep breaths from the diaphragm to get connected to your body during this practice.


Double Stimulation

Chances are you focus on your downtown region when masturbating — but don’t sleep on other sensitive areas of your body. White recommends stimulating your nipples while you’re using a wand, or you can even show your clitoris some love while you’re using a penetrating dildo or vibrator. Creating two sensations at once can really elevate your experience and intensify your orgasms.


Megwyn White, a certified clinical sexologist and director of education at Satisfyer

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman, psychotherapist and intimacy coach