11 Remote-Controlled Sex Toys That Put Your Partner In Charge
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Thanks to innovation in sex toys, we've come a long way from our grandparents' sex toys. As new materials and technology are developed, based on a deeper understanding of what people want, the array of sex toys out there is bigger than ever. So, naturally, it was only a matter of time before sex toys with remote controls would hit the market. If there was anything to be learned by the very first TV remote control, it's that remote controls make life easier. And, in the case of sex toys, more fun.

Remote controls, whether they're handheld or apps on your phone, can take a hot masturbation session up several notches, as well as make couples' play even more fun. And, should you be so daring, you can take that fun outside of the bedroom and into the streets, so to speak. From across the dinner table or from the other end of the bar, these remote controls (that are really stealth in appearance — some even come as watches or rings) and phone apps offer something new and enticing. And, if you're rolling solo, why not sit at the bar, have a glass of wine, and get your rocks off too? It's the secret that makes it so exciting.

If sex toys that come with remote controls is your thing or something you want to explore, here are 11 tantalizing options.

1. Moxie by We-Vibe

When it comes to remote controls and apps, We-Vibe was the first to do it. So when they launched Moxie this year, not only were expectations high, but expectations were delivered.

Unlike some other vibrators that just sit in your underwear, while you hope it doesn't fall out, Moxie has a magnet to keep it in place. So whoever has their hands on the control can really give your clitoris quite a jolt of ecstasy without the fear of it going anywhere.

This one I personally tried this past summer and promise that it's a lot of fun. Especially once your partner gets the hang of the remote.

Charged Vooom Remote Bullet

Because the one toy everyone should own is a bullet vibe, it's safe to also say a bullet vibe with a remote control should also be a "must." It's also a toy that makes you realize the lining in the crotch of your underwear actually does have a purpose: to hold vibrators.

With a remote control that's actually on a ring (so damn clever!), the Charged Vooom Remote Bullet can be controlled from up to 50 feet away.

b-Vibe Rimming 2 Plug

My love affair with b-Vibe products is the type that will last forever. When it comes to any sort of anal play, it's b-Vibe that I always recommend first. So it's no surprise that I'd have to include one of my favorite remote control toys by them: the Rimming Plug 2.

Although I'd never been brazen enough to head out on the town with a butt plug, for those who are, there is no better choice. The remote control for the Rimming Plug 2 works up to 30 feet away, which gives you several options for places to use it. Also, for those who love analingus, the rotating beads are very reminiscent of that feeling.

Club Vibe 3.OH

What makes Club Vibe 3.OH by OhMiBod so wonderful is, first of all, it comes with its own lacy underwear so you know it's going to be a perfect fit. Secondly, if you're someone who prefers their orgasms to follow the beat of music, then this is exactly the toy you want in your collection. Why? Because it's actually a music-activated vibrator.

Although you can use the remote either with your partner or by yourself, the fact that you can literally climax to the beat is, well, pretty mind-blowing, from a technological standpoint.

Silicone Remote Rechargeable Egg

While some people with vulvas prefer clitoral stimulation, others want their knees to shake and quiver thanks to internal stimulation. CalExotic's Silicone Remote Rechargeable Egg teases and pleases the inside of the vagina with a remote that can work up to 10 meters away — which is roughly just over 30 feet. It's also a great toy if you want to mix your Kegel exercises with your pleasure.


For people with prostates or people who have partners with prostates, LELO HUGO has the exact shape necessary to hit that prostate in the right spot. Not only that, but the shape makes an ideal fit, while stimulating the perineum too. The remote control is also extremely discreet; you can hold it in your hand and no one will ever be the wiser.

We-Vibe Sync

As I said, when it comes to remote controlled sex toys, it was We-Vibe who got things in motion. They even got the whole long-distance sex toy thing in motion too with their We-Connect app. Although there have been a handful of Syncs that have come along in the past few years, when it comes to a vibrator that's wearable and can be controlled from either the next room or across the globe, We-Vibe Sync has you covered.

Hot Octopus Pulse III Stimulator

Admittedly, Hot Octopus Pulse III Stimulator looks really intense at first glance. But load it up with some lube and anyone with a penis is ready to have a lot of steamy fun. Created to stimulate the penis via oscillations so as to help those who struggle to maintain an erection, the Pulse III Stimulator can be used with or without its wireless remote control.

Fifty Shades of Grey My Body Blooms Panty Vibe

From the Fifty Shades of Grey collection of sex toys comes the My Body Blooms Panty Vibe. Similar to the other "panty" vibrators on this list, you just pop it into the lining of your underwear — or pull on your granny panties to really keep it in place — and let your partner (or yourself!) use that remote control to spice up the night. The curve of the vibrator gives it a nice snug fit against the vulva.

UPRIZE Remote Control Purple Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator

If you don't have a dildo with a suction bottom so you can stick it anywhere — floor, table, wall, wherever there's a flat, sturdy surface — then maybe before the year is over it might be something to consider. So realistic (except for the purple color), that it actually comes with a scrotum too, this dildo can penetrate whoever is in the mood to be penetrated, while their partner gives them the ride of their life with the remote control.

Also, this is a remote control toy you want to keep at home. Even if your fetish is exhibitionism, no wants a police record in exchange for an orgasm.

LELO Tiani 3 Deep Rose

A list of sex toys that comes with remote controls just wouldn't be complete without LELO's Tiani 3 Deep Rose. This wearable vibrator stimulates the G-spot, as well as the clitoris. It can be worn inside the house or outside, as the stealth (like HUGO!) remote control gives you and your partner the ability to explore in public in a very discreet way.

Now it's up to you to decide what remote control sex toy is best for you. And, keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg of remote controlled sex toys on the market.

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