The 18 Best Yoga Accessories for Beginners

Consider this your yogi starter pack.

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These are the best yoga accessories for beginners.
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Both at-home workouts and stress levels have soared during the pandemic, so if you've turned to yoga to move your body and calm your mind, you're not alone. Whether you're a vinyasa newbie or are looking to upgrade your home flow setup, these are the best yoga accessories for beginners that'll ease your practice.

Doing yoga brings a wide range of physical benefits: Science shows that it can improve strength, flexibility, and heart health, besides simply feeling good after sitting at a desk all day. And there are just as many advantages for your mind — the same study found that regular yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while improving your sleep and overall sense of well-being.

While you can do the low-impact workout with nothing but a mat, there's a wide selection of accessories on the shelves that can help upgrade your flows. From beginner-friendly mats to bolsters, straps, and everything in-between, here's the gear that any new yogi needs to get a little more zen in their life.

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A Gorgeous Travel-Friendly Mat

First things first: Get yourself a yoga mat so you can flow in style and comfort. Flex-n-Fly's Blue Rise travel mat packs light, so you'll have no problem taking it anywhere you go while still providing all the grip of thicker designs. The best part? It's patterned with silhouettes of different yoga poses, so you can get inspiration for your latest flow no matter where you are.


These Sweat-Friendly Blocks

Blocks are key to making you feel supported and confident when trying new poses or stretches, no matter your experience level. This kind by Gaiam is all-natural and naturally antimicrobial, so you can be environmentally friendly while you challenge your balancing skills.


This Cushioned Mat For Extra Grip

If your usual mat feels like a slip and slide while you're trying to hold a pose, Lululemon's Reversible Mat might be the solution. It features two differently textured sides: Its antimicrobial top layer is designed to soak up your sweat and prevent molding (looking at you, hot yoga lovers) while it also offers plenty of support. You can pick from a variety of fun colors, so it's as easy on your eyes as it is on your joints.


A Wheel To Support Backbends

Protect and support your spine during backbends with the Re-Spin Yoga Wheel. This small but mighty device fits snugly between your shoulder blades to provide extra assistance during arched poses so you can safely build mobility and spinal flexibility. And it's doesn't stop with your back — you can also use it to support and encourage mobility in your legs, hips, or belly.


A Simple But Supportive Strap

Make challenging poses more accessible with the help of a yoga strap like this one. Simple but functional, this durable, lightweight accessory will keep you stable and assist your flexibility as you explore new positions and stretches.


This Roomy Yoga Mat Bag

If you're looking for a bag with extra storage, this one. by Oak and Reed is a great choice. The drawstring carrier keeps your mat safe and sound and slings comfortably across your shoulder, and has a built-in pocket to hold your valuables. Plus, it boasts an extra-roomy inside so you can pack a block or two.


This Sweat-Absorbing Towel

Hot yoga takes the phrase "sweating buckets" to a whole new level. If that sounds like you, then the Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel can help. This absorbent towel clings to your mat to soak up all your hard-earned sweat, while still providing the grip you need to stay firmly in downward dog. It's no wonder it has thousands of great ratings — it's quick-drying, machine-washable, and can even double as a shower towel for your post-sweat rinse.


A Backpack Made For Yoga Gear

Always carrying a ton of fitness gear? This backpack has dedicated pockets for your yoga mat and water bottle along with a roomy interior to hold even more of your essentials. There's even a built-in laptop compartment, so you can truly use it for everything.


These No-Slip Socks

Want grip that won't quit? These Bombas socks are lined with ridges that'll help your feet grasp your mat so that sliding is a thing of the past. Bonus points: These babies are great if you're stuck without a mat but want to squeeze in a yoga sesh — slip them on to make any surface easier to cling to.


Padded Gloves To Prevent Sliding

Another essential for combatting slippage: YogaPaws gloves, which provide extra padding and grip for your palms. And if you don't have a mat on hand, now you do (literally) — the gloves are made of mat material, so you can use them for a slide-free flow on any surface.


Portable Mini Blocks

Blocks can be chunky and annoying to tote with you, which is why these pint-sized ones are a must. They're made of the same durable foam as their larger brethren, but are easier to take on the go since they weigh less than half a pound each.


This Yogi-Inspired Water Bottle

Hydrate in style with this Trini Gee water bottle that's clearly made for yogis. The stainless steel tumbler will keep your water nice and cold for when you need a cool-down between sun salutations.


This Foam Wedge To Support Sensitive Joints

Sick of stubborn wrist pain every time you hit downward dog? The Gaiam Yoga Block Wedge can help soften difficult angles and ease strain on your wrists or ankles. Place it at the top or bottom of your mat to create a more manageable incline for your irritated joints — your wrists will thank you after all of those yogi planks.


A Soft Yoga Cushion

Deepen your poses and take your savasana to the next level with a cozy bolster. This works to support you in new positions, assists with prenatal yoga, and can provide cushion for your joints while you're lying down. Good luck trying not to fall into a blissful post-yoga sleep with this on your mat.


This Supportive Meditation Cushion

Protect yourself from low back or sitz bone pain with this cushiony bolster, which brings an ergonomic setup that supports a more comfortable seated posture. End result: You're able to quiet your mind after your practice rather than focus on aches and pains.


This Refreshing Mat-Cleaning Spray

A few spritzes of this will keep your mat smelling fresh. The all-natural formula kills odors with the help of essential oils so that your mat (or blocks, for that matter) stay clean between classes. The dreamy lavender and lemongrass scent options also add a boost to your savasana.


A Strap That Doubles As A Mat Holder

This product from Alo works double duty: The nylon strap moonlights as a mat carrier, with adjustable looped ends that allow you to bring your yoga setup with you wherever you go.


A Set Of Light Weights For Yoga Sculpt

If you're in the mood to fuse strength training and yoga, grab a set of light dumbbells like these. Pick your preferred weights from this three-pair set, and prepare to feel your muscles burn in a sculpting flow sesh.

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