18 Yoga Accessories That'll Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Take your flows up a notch.

18 yoga accessories that'll take your practice to the next level.
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With the ongoing stress of the pandemic combined with, well, regular stress, it’s important to turn to some sort of wellness practice to keep your cool. If you’ve become a yoga aficionado over the past year, it’s time to step your practice up a notch with some yoga accessories for better home workouts.

The beauty of flowing at home is that you've got more room to experiment and pose on your own terms — even if that means skipping hard moves within a Yoga With Adriene flow to rest in child's pose. To level up your practice, there's a wide range of yoga accessories to work with, be it a bench that helps you get closer to nailing a headstand or a bolster that offers added support. Not only are yoga props there to (literally) lift you up and ease your workout, but they also serve to help you learn your limits and yogi potential.

Whether you're into power flows or a more restorative practice, upgrade your time on the mat with these yoga accessories for better workouts — which include eco-friendly blocks, small weights, and so much more.

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This Sweat-Proof Mat

If you practice yoga sculpt or hot vinyasa, odds are you work up a decent sweat as you flow. This Culture Fit mat is eco-friendly and made from natural rubber, and has a microsuede top layer meant to absorb moisture and help your grip so you're not sliding in your downward dog.


These Non-Slip Socks

Sometimes you just need an extra boost when it comes to balance work. These Get A Grip Strapwork Socks stay on tight throughout your entire session as they help you through stability-testing postures.


These Ultra-Fit Leggings

Any good yoga workout starts with feeling comfortable in what you're wearing. If you prefer high-waisted leggings, this chic squat-proof pair will have you feeling snug. Plus, the breathable fabric can help keep you cool through sun salutations.


This Comfortable Sports Bra

Sports bras don't have to be uncomfortable, and Zoezi Sport proves it with its ribbed, seamless fit. This bra is super-breathable and easy to move around in while also looking stylish.


This Full-Coverage Bag

The best way to protect your yoga mat from the elements is by toting it around in a solid yoga bag. This stylish Gaiam bag is perfect for keeping your mat in tip-top shape and has plenty of extra room for your other essentials.


This Sweat-Friendly Towel

If you're constantly focused on staying upright during your practice, this mat is here to help. Along with its soft polyester and nylon microfiber fabric, Alo's Grounded No-Slip Towel has a silicone grip pattern that provides added stability so that you stay put in your poses.


This Extra-Length Strap

Yoga straps open up new possibilities for hitting those more difficult poses. Lululemon's No Limits option is meant to provide added support with its extended length that'll help your limbs bend in ways you didn't think they could.


This Cushy Bolster

Bolsters are a must in any restorative yoga practice. To enhance your savasana or provide more back support, it's worth checking out this one from Manduka. Not only is it partially made from recycled materials, but it's also small enough for cramped spaces.


This Sustainable Block

When attempting advanced poses, blocks provide that added support needed to reach your full potential. Even better? The Jade Cork Block is water-resistant — perfect for times when your practice is extra sweaty.


This Headstand Bench

It can be difficult to practice headstands at home without the guidance of an instructor. This headstand bench can help stabilize your inversion from the comfort of your bedroom, and doubles as a meditation bench or stretching chair.


These Supportive Knee Pads

Poses as simple as cat-cow can increase pressure on your knees. And since yoga requires so much lower body work, it's worth it to invest in a pair of cushions to ease that pain. These Zealtop pads are not only affordable, but small and portable for whenever you're on the go.


This Mat Cleanser

Even if you're the only one using your mat, it's still important to cleanse it of any impurities — especially after high-intensity flows that leave it super sweaty. This Gaiam solution is made with organic essential oils (like lavender and eucalyptus), so it'll give your mat a soothing scent as an added bonus.


These Wearable Weights

You can upgrade any yoga sesh by incorporating some light weights. These Bala Bangles make balancing while weight-lifting even easier since they're no-grip. Plus, they can help you build wrist strength, which is especially helpful for a range of poses.


This Infinity Block

To increase your dexterity while you're on the mat, this yoga accessory can work wonders. Unlike traditional blocks, this tool can mold to your body's natural curves, which comes in handy when doing lifted back positions.


This Yoga Sandbag

During restorative sessions, yoga sandbags come in handy to help with muscle relaxation and instill a feeling of grounding. This Hugger Mugger already comes pre-filled, so it's ready to use.


This Cushioned Blanket

Perfect for savasana, this yoga blanket can drape over your body for some restorative end-of-practice time. It's also thick enough to use for padding during knee-intensive poses.


This Cork Yoga Wheel

If you're working towards backbend master status, it's worth looking into yoga wheels. They'll put in the grunt-work by teaching you how high you should actually elevate. It's also a great stabilizer for low lunges and crow pose attempts.


These Absorbent Towels

Along with layering your mat with a large towel, it's helpful to have a couple small towels on hand when the full-body yoga workout gets steamy. Microfiber hand towels are always a good choice since the material absorbs moisture easily.