7 Ways Pockets Are Fashion's Best Feature

by Melodi Erdogan

If there's one thing in fashion design that undoubtedly makes life easier, it's clothing with pockets. While most men's clothing has this feature implemented as almost a requirement of each garment, unexpectedly stumbling upon pockets in the women's section is always cause for a little joy. Who am I kidding? It's cause for happy dance levels of joy.

Most jeans, pants, and shorts contain some sort of pocket-like compartment (albeit sometimes a fake or stitched one). It's when you bring skirts, dresses, or tops into the picture that having pockets can be a total game-changer. When I'm trying on apparel in a store, I always check the clothing for pockets. And let me tell you: If a skirt, jacket, or dress I semi-like features these lovely storage spaces, the chances that I will buy the item increase by at least 75 percent.

Pockets are an immediate way of getting utility, convenience, and practicality out of a clothing item, yet they are so unfortunately rare in the 'drobes of women or female-presenting individuals. In the hopes of motivating more designers to see the magic that is a good pocket, here are seven reasons why pockets make any clothing item better. Frankly, they may be the best thing to happen to fashion ever.

1. You Don't Need A Bag

Carrying a purse is the bane of my existence. I hate lugging around a huge bag, even though I genuinely need all the stuff inside it to survive the day. While I would love to be able to downsize what I carry, I often end up having to use a bag nonetheless. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an invention that could solve the problem?

Pockets do exactly that. I can easily store the few things I really need (wallet, phone, keys, ChapStick) right on my body where I know they won't get lost and where they'll be readily available. Farewell to fiddling with zippers or tedious buttons.

2. Your Phone Has Its Best Home Yet

I usually like to have my phone in my hands. Maybe it's the sense of urgency if I get a call, or the ability to reply to an email or text within a few moments of receiving it. Either way, having your phone on your body in a shirt pocket or deep enough jeans pockets is infinitely easier than digging through handbags.

3. They Allow Your Hands To Be Free

Pockets are also a great way of remaining hands-free. By putting your key items in your pockets and eliminating the weight of a handbag, your hands will be free to accomplish anything. There's no need to fiddle with asking someone to help you carry your belongings, either. You are your own human and you can do whatever you want!

4. You Have A Place To Put Your Hands

On the flip side, pockets are a great way to keep your hands busy. Have you ever looked at your hands when taking a photo, standing in line, or waiting for a coffee, and wondered, "What do I do with these?" It's basically the existential question. On top of solving that problem, pockets can also give an effortless vibe to a cute #OOTD photo on Instagram.

5. They're Cool Design Elements

Designers and brands love utilizing pockets not only as a favor to the person who gets to wear 'em, but also as a way of inputting an interesting pattern, print, or design into their item. Hence, all the T-shirts of the world with floral print pockets on the chest. Or even Tom Ford, who put velvet, suede pockets on most of his cropped jackets for his spring/summer 2015 collection.

6. They Lead To Surprises

Have you ever reached into one of your pockets and found a lost, forgotten relic? Maybe an old lip balm you misplaced, or a $20 bill you had forgotten you had? Perhaps a delightful piece of still-wrapped gum? Yeah, those are the great little surprises you can count on your pockets for.

7. They're A Total Conversation Starter

Person one: "OMG, I love your skirt. It's absolutely adorable."Person two: "Oh, thanks! Did you know it has pockets?"Person one: "Get out of town."

When you mention that a piece of clothing has pockets, get ready to talk about it. The person you're speaking to will likely want to know how big the pockets are, whether they're on both sides, whether a phone will fit into them, where you bought the piece of clothing, and how much you paid for it.

If you do happen to find a perfect garment equipped with the pockets of your dreams, I suggest you hold onto it for dear life. Pockets really are any human's best friend.