Is Shelli A Nice Person On ‘Big Brother 17’?

So far on this season of Big Brother, Shelli has been the houseguest who looks most likely to win big. But. I’m starting to have some serious questions about the way she’s playing the game. Like, is Shelli really as nice as she seems on Big Brother 17, or is it all just for show? Because, as every fanatic Big Brother watcher knows: it’s not just about how you play the game, it’s how the other people in the house are perceiving the way you play the game. Make enough enemies in the house, and it doesn’t matter how far you get: that jury will evict you faster than you can say “slop.”

As a superfan of the show, Shelli undoubtedly understands this tricky part of being in the Big Brother house. But, as nice as she may seem on the surface, I have to wonder if it’s all just an act. After all, she’s been pretty vocal about getting as little blood on her hands as possible.

Take her relationship with Audrey, for instance. Shelli was legit crying in the kitchen the night before she knew she would be evicting Audrey. She then went to Clay and cried on his shoulder about how torn up she was about having to send Audrey home. That’s a pretty emotional response for Audrey, who had proven that she was untrustworthy and a potential liability to The Sixth Sense alliance since, like, the beginning of time.

Maybe a little too emotional?

While plenty of people read Shelli’s emotional response as sweet, it seemed a little too over-the-top to be genuine. Would I understand those tears if she had to send Clay home? Of course! But Audrey, a girl she didn’t like that much anyway? Eh...

Plus, after watching the live feeds this week and seeing Shelli totally lose it in the bathroom in front of Clay, it’s all starting to add up and make me suspicious of just how sweet she really is. I'm sure that she's a nice person in real life, but I think she might be exaggerating just how much she is for the sake of the game.

And, hey, don’t get me wrong — there is nothing wrong with that. In a game that is all about perception and winning people over, pretending to be a sweetheart to get yourself to the end is an awesome strategy. My point is, before you start thinking Shelli is such a sweetie and susceptible to being played, think again. If you ask me, that girl knows exactly what she is doing, and she is doing it damn well.

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