Is CeCe Drake Red Coat On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Ali's Suspicious Friend May Have Good Intentions

Who is the more mysterious character on Pretty Little Liars ? Charles DiLaurentis, criminal mastermind; Wren Kingston, potential British doctor criminal mastermind; or CeCe Drake, American expat and murderer with a heart of gold? Um, it’s CeCe, duh. Pretty Little Liars viewers haven’t seen CeCe since she briefly visited Ali in the Season 5 Christmas episode, after flying the coop to France because she presumably murdered Wilden and had to escape the country to avoid being found out. But now that Red Coat is back and definitely helping Charles, there’s been some talk that those long blonde locks and colorful coat are actually CeCe in disguise. It begs the question — is CeCe Drake Red Coat?

CeCe’s been a suspicious character since, well, she first arrived on our screens. Her first meeting with the Liars just happened to be at The Brew, where she was getting a coffee and was all like, “Oh hey, I know you. Ali talked about all of you. I miss her, come to my boutique.” A little forward and staged, don’t you think? Like Ali, CeCe refused to reveal nearly anything about herself, and if you ask me, she just did more to muck up the “where is Ali” storyline than actually try to solve it. Was that her intention? I believe so, but not in the way you think.

I’m making a swift and tidy declaration that CeCe Drake is not Red Coat. I think that Sara Harvey is a planted mole from Charles and is actually Red Coat, but that’s a story for another article. CeCe has ties to Jason, Melissa Hastings, and Ali, so it begs the question — why would CeCe want to hurt Ali? She doesn’t. She’s been trying to protect Ali since day one.

Remember when Melissa finally confessed to Spencer that she has been trying to protect her since before all of this started? I think that CeCe was in on it, too, and that’s why CeCe allegedly killed Wilden. The detective was in danger of revealing where Ali was, and CeCe and Melissa knew that if Ali’s whereabouts were disclosed, someone dangerous — who we now know is Charles — would be able to find her. For even more theories about Charles, Red Coat, and everyone else, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Given that Jason, Melissa, and CeCe have such a history, I think that Jason knows more about Charles than he let on, and he told Melissa and CeCe about his dangerous brother. When all of that N.A.T. Club filming started happening, I’m willing to guess that those videos revealed Charles watching the girls, too, and CeCe, Jason, and Melissa sprung into action. CeCe took Ali under her wing as a means to keep an eye on her, while Jason and Melissa focused their energies into other recon. This whole group has been trying to protect Ali and the other Liars from the start, not hurt them. Why would CeCe set a house on fire that the Liars were in? She wouldn’t, as that would throw away all the work she’s done to help them. That fire? That sabotage? That’s all Charles and Red Coat.

There are only two more episodes until Charles is revealed, and I hope that Red Coat comes along with that — I want to see the faces of these foes for the first time as soon as possible. Don’t make me wait, Marlene!

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