7 Celebrities Most Blondes Have Been Told They Look Like, Even If They Really Don't

I’ll be honest: being told you look like a celebrity is kind of nice. They literally have people on their payroll whose entire job is to make them look awesome at all times — which is why it usually makes you feel pretty good when someone tells you that you look like some famous hot person. But it can also be really annoying sometimes — particularly when someone tells you that you look like a celebrity who you really don’t look like at all.

As a blonde in a country with a large number of famous, hot, blonde people, I’ve found there are several celebrities most blondes have been told they look like — even when they really don't. And, while I hate to complain about what basically amounts to the most ego-boosting, non-problem ever, I just think it’s a little unbelievable how many blonde celebrities I’ve been compared to who I really share very little likeness to at all. I mean, I appreciate the compliment and all, but I'm pretty happy just knowing I look like myself.

If you are currently blonde, or have ever been blonde, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever smirked in flattered disbelief over the celebrity you supposedly “totally favor” then this article is for you. Here’s seven celebrities most (granted, white) blonde women have been told they look like, even if they really don’t.

1. Taylor Swift

Okay, I love T-Swift, and I think she’s a total champ. Her style is always so classic, she’s such a hard worker, she has amazing taste (have you seen her Tribeca apartment?!), and her breakup songs just might get me through what has been the most difficult breakup of my young life. That said, being told I look like her over and over kind of gets on my nerves, because it's just not even a little true.

Guys, very few blondes truly look like TSwift. Yes, we may share her tall-skinniness, blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. But her facial structure? Those plump lips? Her penchant for terrifyingly high heels? Nah, Taylor's actually pretty special. What you're really saying when you tell other tall, slender blondes that they look like Taylor Swift is this: "You look like a beautiful, blonde giraffe."

2. Jennifer Lawrence

I would love this one if comparing me to J-Law was even remotely believable. But other than the blonde hair and the fact that we both happen to be white women, it just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, how many blondes actually manage to be that voluptuous and that fit? She’s a super toned, curvy dream, y’all. Pretty much all you're saying when you tell a blonde they look like Jennifer Lawrence is either, "you have big boobs" or, "you have blonde hair and a personality". Very few blondes actually look like her.

3. Meryl Streep

This is one celebrity I actually love being compared to, and I do kind of favor her. But Meryl is one of the most unique looking beauties in Hollywood, so it's kind of hard for most blondes to buy the whole, "you look just like Meryl Steep!" thing. Because it takes more than long blonde hair and high cheekbones to look like Meryl, folks. But thanks anyway.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is one beautiful woman and a talented actress. I think the majority of yellow-haired ladies get that being compared to her is a good thing. But I've honestly never seen anyone who looks just like SJP, and you probably haven't either. Blonde chicks know that what you really mean when you excitedly tell them, "Hey, you look like Sarah Jessica Parker!" is just that you've been admiring their strong nose and curly hair.

5. Blake Lively

Blake is a total babe, and she seems like a super cool person. I don't know of any blondes who would object to being compared to this modern day Aphrodite. But I've literally never seen another blonde with her unique facial structure. Like, ever. So if you're telling blondes they look like Blake, you're honestly just saying, "Hey, you're tan and you have the glorious, wavy mane of a mermaid". Which is actually a great thing to tell someone. So maybe just say that the next time you want to tell a blonde she looks like Blake Lively.

6. Amanda Seyfried

Come on, people. No one looks like Amanda Seyfried except for Amanda Seyfried. Her porcelain skin, big eyes, plump lips, and flowing straight hair aren't a combo you see every day. It's like she stepped out of children's fairy tale book or something. It would be more accurate to tell the blondes you're claiming look like Amanda that they look like a live action Disney princess.

7. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is smokin', but I know zero blondes who could pass as her identical twin. I've never seen another blonde with her exact face shape, and how she stays so consistently ripped I will never know. I mean, wow. So, telling a blonde she looks like Cameron Diaz is really just code for "You're fit and hot".

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