9 Sweat Free Summer Hairstyles

As arguably the sweatiest girl in the world, summer is a minefield of constantly carrying deodorant, changing clothes three times a day, and enduring the perpetual annoyance of a damp neck for me. This year, however, I've discovered that mastering a select few summer hairstyles that won't get ruined by overactive sweat glands is all I need to tackle the perspiring mess I become each heat-stroke-inducing season. As much as I have tried every year to achieve a beachy, hair-down look, I've always ended up scraping all the sweaty locks I can grab and pinning them to the top of my head. No more, though.

Cutting off the large majority of my hair in January was life changing. I was free from faffing about with different hair bobbles, slides, or accessories. I had one look and that look was a chic bob. Now, however, in the midst of growing out bangs as well as growing out my short hair, a sweat-filled summer is seriously taking it out of me. With the help of about a million granny clips and sheer determination, I've managed to make it this far with the help of some handy hair hacks and some well thought out summer hairstyles (as well as a lot of hairspray and hat wearing).

The best part about these looks is that they aren't obvious attempts at keeping your sweaty hair as far away from your equally sweaty skin. Rather, they are cute looks that'll get complimented for their chicness as opposed to their practicality. Fashion doesn't have to be pain and summer doesn't have to be sweaty. Low and behold my nine sweat-free summer hairstyle go-tos.

1. Messy Bun

A messy bun is an essential look because you can create it with minimal effort whilst rushing down a street to the nearest air conditioned store with the gait of a crab to avoid chub rub.

2. Slicked Back Ponytail

Kim Kardashian's ponytail is one of my favorites of her hair looks. She claims it's anti-aging but it just looks hella chic to me. The best bit about this look for summer is that your sweat will actually help keep it sleek.

3. Braid Crown

When I learned how to do a braid crown it literally changed my life. Just try and veer away from pulling an Iggy Azalea.

4. Space Buns

Space buns = a funkier take on the bun lifesaver hairstyle for summer! This is also a really good one for shorter hair, because it's easier to move half of your locks to one bun than all of your hair into one.

5. Half Bun

If you still want some hair to frame your beautiful face/shade your neck, the half bun will be your godsend.

6. Pinned Back

Your interpretation of this look might not be quite as intense, but '90s-esque, openly-gripped bangs are definitely due a comeback.

7. Regular Bun

Differing slightly from the messy bun, a premeditated top bun can make a usual hasty up-do look classic but still effortless.

8. Braid Bun

This is a combo of the bun and the braid crown for when a bun just isn't enough.

9. Low Ponytail

The low pony is definitely on its way back. A bonus point of this style is all the added neck shade you obtain without any of the hair sticking to the back of your head.

Ahh, the sweet smell of not having drenched hair in the summer.

Images: AlexanderShustov/Unsplash