9 Things You Can Do With Your Bra Besides Wear It

If you thought your bra was only good for holding up your boobs, you were horribly mistaken. There are plenty of other things you can do with your bra besides wear it, guys. So if you've been duped into believing a bra's sole purpose is to serve as a prison for your ta-tas, you're about to be enlightened.

There's no doubt that bras are good at doing what they're made for, of course. The straps and hook design make it a great product in terms of chest support. Plus, no matter how big or small your chest might be, bras can arguably offer everything from stability to comfort to confidence. Once you're home, however, and you relax by taking that push-up or bralette off, don't you dare put it back in your underwear drawer. That bra can be utilized for a million other things. It can be used to organize, to clean, to entertain, and even to shackle someone up. Why on Earth would you just wear it?

So whip that bra back out and put it to good use. Whether you're hanging fruits, need help falling asleep, or simply want to clean up, here are nine things you can do with your bra besides put it on your boobies.

1. As An Eye Mask

Sometimes the only thing I need to fall asleep is complete darkness. Instead of reaching for a face mask like a normal person, however, I like reaching for my bra instead. The bra doesn't squeeze my head like most masks tend to do, so it's much more comfortable and relaxing when I'm falling asleep. Plus, the fun colors on my bra are a great way to wake up with literal rose-tinted glasses, excited for the day to begin.

2. As A Fruit Hanger

Fruits are so hard to organize, but with the two basket-like cups on a bra, the process becomes much easier. By keeping a few select foods at the ready, you'll be able to grab what you need when you're rushed for time and need a snack before you head out the door. Plus, it's just pretty to look at. Home decor, anyone?

3. As A Hand Towel

Doing laundry is so overrated, so why waste your time on a load of towels when you can just use a bra? Drape a bra on the towel bar in your bathroom, and reach for that every time you need something to dry your hands with. It's much more decorative and takes up way less room. Plus, your guests will be delighted (and not at all confused) when they use the restroom!

4. To Help You Grab Something

Grabbing something just out of your reach is a struggle and a half. An easy way to get to whatever you need, however, is to lasso your bra around it. It may take a few tries, but once you have one of the straps around the item, pulling it towards yourself is easy-peasy.

5. As A Slingshot To Get Your Enemies

Sometimes, people just deserve to be whacked in the face. Place a harmless item (a tomato, a pencil ... whatever) in between the two cups of your bra, have two friends hold the straps, and pull back the bridge between the cups. Let go and enjoy.

6. As A Room Duster

Dusting is never fun. Nor is it ever easy. A bra, however, can fix both of those problems. The unique cups of a bra will help dust all those nooks and crannies. Plus, it can be fun to prance around your house, using your bra to clean.

7. As A Headband

Blair Waldorf may be the queen of headbands, but she never tried this crown jewel. Strap that bra around your skull and do your hair around it. Tell me that's not the prettiest you have ever looked. (OK, so maybe this one's a bit of a stretch.)

8. As A Pair Of Handcuffs

Have you ever needed a pair of handcuffs on a last-minute notice? Don't worry about having to shop around, because surprise: You're already wearing one. Whip off your bra and strategically tie it around the person you're detaining. The chances they'll be able to remove it are slim to none. In fact, using a bra might even be sexier than an actual pair of handcuffs.

9. As A Piece Of Art

At this point, you probably adore your bra so much more than you did when you were strictly wearing it. You love it so much, in fact, that you want to show it off and be able to admire it every single day. Naturally, you'll hang it up. To you, there is nothing more beautiful than a useful, helpful, handy bra.

See what I mean? Bras are so much more than boob houses.

Images: Melodi Erdogan