Khloe Further Proves Her Family Is Fueled By Hate

If you think the Kardashians and Jenners are going to disappear because of a few mean Instagram or Twitter comments, allow me to introduce you to Exhibit A: Khloe "Bring It On" Kardashian. The 31-year-old reality TV star is rivaling her sisters as the most talked about Kardashian-Jenner these days, and her incredibly fit body has a lot to do with it. If you know anyone who loathes her, tell them they can pop open a bottle of bubbly — not for themselves, but for her. Khloe Kardashian credits her nasty critics for motivating her to work out, something she revealed in her cover story with Women's Health magazine.

Khloe explained that she began working out in 2012, while she and ex-husband Lamar Odom were experiencing a rough patch in their marriage. She said it offered her a "release," though she found the first 45 days of her gym regimen grueling and thought the relatable phrase "F*ck this sh*t" many times. You see, at the end of the day, she's really just someone with whom you want to go to Happy Hour and gab about stupid boys, who happens to have super toned abs.

Also in the interview, she used two words that are about to become as ubiquitous as "conscious uncoupling:" "Revenge body." As in, Khloe got her "revenge body" to get back at all of the many people who called her fat and had boatloads of other nasty things to say about her while hiding behind their computers. Her quote:

Yeah, it's a revenge body. But it's just as much for all my critics who called me "the fat one" for my entire existence.

But this isn't just about Khloe's body and workout regimen. This is about the sorcerous powers held by both she and sisters Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Kim — especially Kim — because if you think these ladies are capable of being crushed by the same forces of evil and cyberbullying as the rest of mankind, you haven't been paying attention.

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters absorb hate through their pores and then some mystical mechanism in their souls takes it, adds pixie dust, and turns it into fuel to propel them forward. These women keep proving, over and over again, that they DGAF about your nastiness — in fact, bring it. They'll eat it for lunch and spit it out by 1 p.m. in the form of beautiful children (Kim and Kourtney), strong marriages (Kim), successful clothing lines (all five of 'em), huge fashion ad campaigns (Kendall and Kylie), and, in Khloe's case, insanely fit bodies that are a cross between a Victoria's Secret model and Wonder Woman.

Let's have a look at how things are panning out for the other most hated siblings in America.

Kylie Jenner

The 17-year-old's critics said her lips were too big and fake, that her rumored boyfriend Tyga is too old, and that she's not acting her age. Kylie responded by modeling for Balmain, graduating high school, and launching her own beauty website — all within one summer. She's not even able to vote yet.

Kendall Jenner

It feels like only yesterday Kendall was being cyberbullied by fellow models who were envious of her quick success and showing their hatred by posting nasty comments about her on Instagram. So... where are all of those models who made her life hell? Probably attending casting calls while Kendall books every designer at every fashion week.

Kourtney Kardashian

The mother of three certainly doesn't deserve the relationship hell she's going through right now with Scott Disick, but for anyone who has ever accused her of not having her priorities straight, the 36-year-old's heart is always with her family and children, as is pretty evident from her regular posts on Instagram that show her at kids' birthday parties or hanging out with her siblings. Along with Khloe and Kim, Kourtney is also keeping busy as an owner of Dash clothing boutique and designer for the Kardashian Kollection and Kardashian Kids.

Kim Kardashian

I saved the best for last. Before her siblings became as famous as she is, Kim served as the front line of defense for her family and the hateful, mean comments aimed in their direction. She was slut-shamed after her sex tape was released, slut-shamed for simply having a body that men wanted, and slut-shamed again every time she posed for a magazine wearing a bathing suit. She's been called a terrible role model (not that she ever signed up for that role), a publicity whore, and unintelligent. So, what did she do? Accrue a net worth of $85 million, launch a cosmetics, clothing, and perfume line, marry Kanye West, turn herself into a Fashion Week darling, become a mother, and star in one of the most iconic, controversial magazine covers of the decade.

Keep up the hatred and one of the sisters is bound to become president one day.

Images: Women's Health Magazine, Paper Magazine