7 Weird Bras You Didn't Know You Needed, From The Candy-Covered To The Alcoholic

Even though the #FreeTheNipple movement is über trendy right now (and rightfully so), I think it's about time we salute the world of weird bras once and for all. The debate about whether bras are good or bad for you is never-ending, but from my experience, a great bra can amp up everything from your physical comfort to your sexy factor. So why not go a little, well, crazy?

Every year, I am always ecstatic to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because of the bizarre and one-of-a-kind creations made especially for the event. Sadly, I just can't justify purchasing gold-encrusted push-ups attached to angel wings, but I can purchase other weird bras that are just as cool. After all, you can never have enough OTT bras in your undergarment arsenal anyway, right guys?

Plenty of brands are going for ultimate wackiness when it comes to their bras lately, so there are a ton of options for practicality, experimentation, and sheer curiosity. From the hand bra to the bacon bra, weird bras are all over the Internet and I'm pretty into it. I mean, let's be honest: Who wouldn't want an edible brassiere? That sounds like a dream come true to me.

Here are seven weird bras you never knew you needed.

1. Candy Bras

Lover's Candy Underwear For Her, $10, chocolatefantasies

Do you remember those candy necklaces from your childhood? Well, now there is a bra version of them. This purchase is perfect for a sexy date night with your significant other, during which your partner can eat your bra off instead of just taking it off. Wink, wink.

2. Cinderella Bra

Disney Cinderella Bra, $14, Amazon

Disney princess lovers rejoice! This bra needs to be added to your undergarment collection as soon as possible. The vivid image of Cinderella and her lovely prince will help you live out your childhood memories in style.

3. Holster Bra

FlashBang Holster Bra, $45, thewellarmedwoman

What if I told you that you could hold your pistol in your bra? This crazy number features a holster in the middle of the bra where you can place your gun rather than wearing it around your waist. Whether you are planning a trip to the shooting range to unwind or just want a place to hold your iPhone, this bra's extra storage will undoubtedly help you out. I'd just double check your state's concealed carry laws first.

4. Wine Flask Bra

The Wine Rack Flask Bra, $35, gaggifts

I don't know about you, but this wine flask bra sounds truly heaven sent to me. It can hold up to 25 ounces of wine or any other alcoholic beverage of your choosing. Plus, it comes with a straw so you can drink it whenever you want.

5. Wire Spiral Bra

Wire Spiral Bra, $55, etsy

This bra is made out of pure aluminum wires, which is pretty wacky but irrevocably cool. I can picture Lady Gaga turning heads by rocking the undergarment as a top on the red carpet. The bra is also ideal for a futuristic Halloween costume or if you want to surprise (read: confuse) your partner in the bedroom.

6. Skeleton Hands Bra

Bloody Skeleton Hands Bra, $40, Etsy

No longer do we have to wait until Halloween to rock skeleton hands on our boobs. This cooky bra is quite eye-catching, which makes it perfect to wear as a top layered with a black leather jacket and some black ankle boots for an edgy look.

7. Light Up Fur Bra

Light Up Fur Bra — Color Changing, $45, electricstyles

Have you ever lost something in your cold, dark room but were too lazy to get up and flick the switch? Lo and behold a bra that can keep you warm while giving you colored bursts of light. Plus, this bra can help others find you as well. If you get lost at an amusement park or concert and happen to be wearing a neon-lit, furry bra, your friends will definitely find you.

OK, so maybe some of these aren't exactly practical. But they sure are weird, and we can all use a little wackiness in our lives from time to time.

Images: Courtesy Brands