9 Gorgeous Glassware Pieces For Sipping Your Favorite Summer Drinks In Style

If you, like me, are in your mid–twenties and the dreaded 30th birthday is looming ever closer, you might feel like making your own home and filling it with things you'll use and cherish for years to come, like beautiful and quirky glassware. It may be a different story for you, but at the top of my to-do list is to create a wonderful collection of beautiful glassware. Nothing says, "Look everyone I've got my life together!" like some fancy dishes.

At the moment my glassware collection consists of an assortment of mismatched pint glasses, some standard wine glasses, and a variety of random options in between. I hope to one day host Christmas at my place in the not too distant future, and I have my fingers crossed that by this time we will have fancy, matching glassware, or at the very least a lovely selection of quirky, mismatched-yet-cool glasses. It's comforting to know that whenever I do I have a bunch of people over, I have fun options for serving my friends and family.

Let's raise our (future) glasses and make a toast to all of the amazing glassware that shall be added to our collections in the coming years. To celebrate, here's an array of delightful drinks holders to get your summer off to a sophisticated start.

1. The Glass For Babes

Cheers Pint Glass, $8, Urban Outfitters

This is the perfect sized glass for an iced tea — with or without the Long Island twist.

2. The Adorable Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Bottles, $27, Anthropologie

This set of six darling milk bottles will bring all the guys and gals to the yard.

3. The Golden Rimmed Glass

Georgette Glassware, $14, Anthropologie

Give out some classic art deco vibes while sipping your favorite cocktail from this vintage inspired glass. Chin chin, lovies!

4. The Narwhal Juice Glass

Menagerie Juice Glass, $10, Anthropologie

This dreamy glass featuring a design illustrated by Molly Hatch has to be one of the cutest glasses in existence. The lovely illustration encompasses a narwhal and the words, "You are magic." The best part is there are six to collect and they all have different designs, from unicorns to yachts.

5. The Fancy On The Go Glass

Faceted Glass To-Go Jar, $12 Each Or 2 For $20, Urban Outfitters

If you want to look super sophisticated on the go, you'll need this faceted glass jar with a twist on lid and reusable straw. It's available in clear or pink, or you can have both for $20.

6. The Quirky Science Lover's Shot Glasses

Chem With Me Shot Glass Set, $20, Modcloth

Do you love science and drinking? These kooky chemistry–inspired shot glasses will make an entertaining addition to your glassware collection and would be perfect for parties.

7. The Great Gatsby Style Glasses

Imperial Caviar Glassware, $62, Anthropologie

Can't you just imagine Daisy Buchanan sipping champagne from one of these golden glasses? Transform your glassware cupboard and start collecting these decadent glasses that come in sets of two of the same style.

Bottoms up, darlings!

Images: Giphy; Courtesy Brands (7)