Revamp Your Bedroom With 9 Awesome Bedspreads

I find the best way to brighten up a dreary bedroom is to invest in a quirky bedding set to add a new lease on life to your room. When I enter a bedroom my eyes are always drawn to the bed before I move on to look over the rest of the furniture, trinkets, and objects within the room. Upon entering a new season, it's nice to mix things up with your home interiors. This could mean swapping some summery snaps for autumnal landscapes, putting away your beach combing finds for next year, or crafting some awesome pinecone decorations.

It might not be as easy to revamp your bedroom, though. Sure, you could repaint your furniture or put up some new wallpaper, but IMO the easiest way to change the feel of your room is by mixing up the mood with a new bedspread. I know I'm not the only one to hold on to old duvet sets just in case there's a bedding emergency and I need to unleash these musty monstrosities from the closet, but really, I need to ask myself: Will I ever use them again?

So donate your old bedspreads to charity and go out and get yourself some kooky new bedding to celebrate the turn of the season. You spend an awful lot of time in your bed, so it may as well be beautiful.

1. The Cloud Nine Bedding Set

Dream a little dream in this gorgeous, cloud print bedspread. You'll be counting sheep in no time as you drift off tucked up in this pretty, pastel blue bedding that's reminiscent of summer days spent cloud watching.

Clouds Bed Linen, $80,

2. The Pretty Pom Pom Duvet Cover

If you're after something subtle with a quirky edge, you may wish to bed down in this natural looking, ivory duvet cover with cute pom pom fringing. It would make an awesome choice for the fall/winter season as the adorable pom poms are a little like snow balls! You just need some snow in a can and some faux snow flakes and you'll have a winter wonderland bedroom that would make Princess Elsa jealous.

Plum & Bow Alia Duvet Cover, $169 - $199,

3. The Elephant Lover's Duvet Cover

This epic elephant bedding is a great way to add a splash of color to a neutral toned room. Add rainbow colored accessories throughout your bedroom placed atop furniture painted white to really embrace this eccentric style.

RococcoLA Happy Elephant Duvet Cover, $110,

4. The Forest Animal Bedding

Put a spin on the Disney classic Bambi with this beautiful bedding featuring a floral pattern interspersed with deer, rabbits, and birds. Nothing screams fall more than forest flora and fauna.

King/Queen Duvet Cover Set, $60,

5. The Writer's Bedding Set

This bedspread is perfect for a writer who is in need of some inspiration – you may just find the words come to you in your dreams.

Eivor Ord Duvet Cover & Pillowcase(s), $20,

6. The Tie Dye Blue Duvet Cover

Add a cosmopolitan traveller vibe to your bedroom with this beautiful blue duvet cover (pillows sold separately). When blue is used in interior design it represents peace, calmness, and tranquility which are all positive attributes you might wish to have in your bedroom.

Monika Strigel For DENY Within The Tides Duvet Cover, $129 — $169,

7. The Kooky Moose Design

Whenever I look at this kooky graphic moose print I just hear the 1990s Maynards Wine Gums advert theme tune in my head which includes the popular 1950s song "Hoots Mon" (with a twist on the lyrics,) which plays on the Scottish pronunciation cliché, "There's a moose loose about this hoose." Although I think they're actually elk, but we won't lose any sleep over technicalities.

Ängsspira Duvet Cover & Pillowcase(s), $40,

8. The Studio Ghibli Style

Studio Ghibli fans rejoice! Red Bubble stocks range of duvet cover designs featuring characters created by the legendary animation house. This My Neighbor Totoro design is just adorable and features leaves and acorns on the pattern which is perfect for fall.

My Neighbor Totoro Pattern Duvet Cover, $90,

9. The Cosmic Duvet Cover

If you're a fan of star gazing, there's no need for you to venture out into the soon–to–be cold autumnal evenings, so invest in this gorgeous duvet cover instead.

Shannon Clark For DENY Cosmic Duvet Cover, $129 - $169,

Snuggle up in quirky bedding to transform your bedroom this fall and get ready to hibernate.

Images: Giphy; Courtesy Brands (9)