Do Eliminated 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestants Ever Return To The Show? Season 2 Could Change Things Up

One of the best parts of Bachelor in Paradise is that it's a vaguely structured non-game where all bets are off and pretty much any random thing can happen. They've had dates where no one shows up, people crying and passing out, oceanic lovemaking... pretty much everything. But, have any eliminated contestants ever returned to Bachelor in Paradise ? In the past, no, but it's only a matter of time before they have Chris Harrison solemnly announce that "for the first time in Bachelor in Paradise history," someone is returning after being kicked off of the show. It wouldn't be surprising to see them try to milk more twists and turns out of the show.

I mean, it's not like there are any real rules or regulations to Bachelor in Paradise. Past competitors have abruptly left the show without any rhyme or reason, citing either another relationship outside of the show (I guess that free vacation to Mexico was just too much to resist) or disappointment with the selection of potential mates in the cast. And, even more people have cycled so quickly between arriving on the show and being rejected at the rose ceremony that to bring one of them back wouldn't change anything about the show except to maybe save the production some money on travel costs. It looks like this season will be just like the first — already there have been multiple "shocker" eliminations, and so a "shocker" return would be right on schedule.

After Clare's meltdown, perhaps she'll head out and give her spot to someone like Jillian, who was eliminated before anyone really got the chance to know her. But, that trade would be a big disappointment, because Clare talks to raccoons. No, they'll probably convince her to stay on the show — they wouldn't bring someone back unless it would cause more drama.

But, the biggest shock in Bachelor in Paradise history (see how easy that is?), was when Chris Bukowski convinced sweet sweet Elise to run away from Paradise with him. That was played like a triumphant moment on the show, but of course in reality I'm sure it was super weird and awkward. The show didn't feel the need to replace anyone in the cast then, but maybe they'll jump at the chance this year. There are rumors that Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey might have been together before the show, prompting his odd producer conversation about Juelia.

Maybe, like Lauren, Samantha and Joe will leave if the relationship is revealed. There's precedent for that in Season 1, when Ben Scott quit over a relationship he had outside the show. But, what's interesting is that no one has ever been truly kicked out of Bachelor in Paradise before, they've always self-selected out of the show. After some conflict or a fight, maybe Joe (or another villainous member of the cast) will make double history: The first person to be kicked out of Bachelor in Paradise, and the first person to be brought back after an elimination. Double the drama! But, regardless of how they do it, it's only a matter of time before Paradise has a new historical and dramatic moment.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy