Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow Crash Wedding In Ireland

Get ready for a serious case of FOMO. Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow took a break from promoting their film, Trainwreck, in Dublin, Ireland, to join a singalong with a wedding party during a stop at a local pub. The newlyweds didn't seem to mind the surprise drop-in, being that Schumer and Apatow bestowing you with their presence at any event is arguably one of the best things that could ever happen in life. In a video captured by one of the wedding attendees, the director and Inside Amy Schumer comedian got their duet on with Irish singer/songwriter, Glen Hansard, while the newly married couple and wedding party sang along with looks of "YAS" across their faces. This isn't the first time Schumer has surprised a couple on their way to marital bliss. In June, the comedian photobombed New York couple, Josh Turnage and Brandon Moore's engagement photoshoot, much to their delight.

While wedding crashers are normally seen as unwelcome guests attempting to glean some sweet nectar from an open bar, celebrity crashes are anything but undesired. Over the past few years, crashing weddings has become old hat when it comes to Hollywood's elite. The list of celebrities foregoing an RSVP to pose with newlyweds is continually growing, and the opportunity to have one of my fave celebs crooning during my first wedding dance (hi, Ed Sheeran) almost makes me wants to ask someone to "put a ring on it" already — emphasis on almost.

Let's take a look at some of the most epic of celebrity wedding crashers in recent history.

1. Maroon 5

The music video for "Sugar" featured a very dapper Maroon 5 surprising several different wedding parties with a live performance of the hit. Although there were several murmurs about the weddings being staged — or a few of them at least — it's still a fun watch, no matter how you slice it.

2. Beyoncé & Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z crashed a wedding in Italy, with the Queen B even taking time to snap a photo with the elated bride. Want to know the secret to making the happiest day of your life even more epic? Invite R&B music's most regaled couple.

3. Ed Sheeran

If you pick "Thinking Out Loud" as the song for your first wedding dance, congratulations — you have phenomenal taste. One couple with such taste was treated to a surprise live version of the ballad when Ed Sheeran took the stage at their reception to croon the hit. Ugh, the FOMO!

4. Tony Goldwyn

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Scandal star made one bride's "world complete" when he stopped by a wedding trolley to pose with newlyweds, Caroline Colcomb and Kyler Queen. Apparently he didn't need Olivia Pope to "handle" the situation.

5. Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye engaged in a true wedding crasher moment, by dropping in on a reception in Houston exclusively to take part in the open bar. The Avengers star gabbed with some guests, but kept a low-profile before polishing off his cocktail and sleuthing on out. Well played.

6. Brad Pitt

The Hollywood heartthrob — and one half of Brangelina — made one couple's wedding day all the more spectacular by hanging out at the hotel bar where their reception was being held. As if the bride needed one more reason to swoon — amiright??

7. Queen Elizabeth

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yes, the Queen of England also happens to be an occasional wedding crasher. John and Frances Canning of Manchester, England, sent an invitation to Queen Elizabeth without any real hope she would actually show up. The Queen decided to forego the RSVP, but made a surprise appearance at the delighted pair's nuptials. "Basically, it was a wedding gift for us," Frances told CNN.

I'm guessing that sort of "gift" definitely trumped anything else on their registry.

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