Kristen Stewart's New Movie Is A Must-See

By now, it's no secret that Kristen Stewart can kick some serious butt. The actress has showed off her skills in everything from the Twilight series to Snow White and the Huntsman, and now, she gets to be a bona-fide action star in this month's American Ultra. The new film features the actress and co-star Jesse Eisenberg running from the government after it's discovered that Mike (Eisenberg) is a spy being hunted down by his former agency. As the trailer shows, both stars, especially Stewart, get to show off some major fight skills, and neither disappoint. Thankfully, the next Kristen Stewart movie features a lot more of the same, albeit with less spoon-caused deaths.

After American Ultra, Stewart has a lot on her plate, including an Ang Lee-directed war film set for 2016 and an indie drama co-starring Michelle Williams with no release date yet announced. First up, though, is a sci-fi romance called Equals , and it's bound to please fans of Stewart's hoping to see the actress display her now-legendary action chops. The movie, which will have its world premiere in September at the Venice Film Festival, stars Stewart and Nicholas Hoult as members of a futuristic utopia where no one has emotion and the world is in constant peace. Yet when their characters both contract a mysterious diseases and must hide it from the public or else face danger, they hatch a plan to escape.

It sounds very cool, and while no trailer has been released, the little that's known about the film indicates that it's a major must-see. Equals is directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), and stars Guy Pearce, Jacki Weaver, and Diary of a Teenage Girl breakout Bel Powley in addition to Stewart and Hoult. Below, some of the images released of the film, to get your anticipation even higher:

How cool does this movie look? Judging from these photos and the plot description, Equals seems like a combination of X-Men, The Giver and Never Let Me Go — in other words, this is not a movie anyone should miss. Its release will mark the end of an incredible year for Stewart; in the past 12 months, she's received leftover raves for a performance in Still Alice; won huge acclaim (and a Best Supporting Actress award at Cannes) for Clouds of Sils Maria, starred in American Ultra, and signed on to several highly-anticipated films, including next year's Woody Allen film. Add in all those important interviews, sexist takedowns and killer red carpet looks, and there's no doubt about it: Kristen Stewart is having a hell of a year. And with Equals, as well as her other upcoming films, it seems like her 2015 is only getting better — I'm excited to see what happens next.

Image: Lionsgate