Can Joe From 'BIP' Redeem Himself?

Just when you thought Joe Bailey couldn't get any more unlikable on Bachelor in Paradise, Sunday night's episode happened. During the Aug. 17 episode, BiP's resident villain continued to show zero remorse over manipulating single mom, Juelia Kinney, took part in a borderline NSFW photoshoot with new arrival, Samantha Steffen, and blatantly proclaimed how awesome it was to shower and make out with Samantha Steffen while Juelia sat idly by. Seriously, what is up with all that, dude? As if things couldn't get worse, Joe forgot what Juelia's name was, even though he spent a decent amount of time lying to her.

On the plus side, Joe is now part of the gloriously irreverent '80s-themed intro for BiP, and the two seconds he appears holding a pineapple made me chuckle — this is the most likable he has been during the entire season. Other lovable cast members like Jared "Aladdin Lookalike" Haibon and Dan "The Man" Cox stepped up to Joe in an attempt to calmly coax him into apologizing to Juelia, but Joe reverted to his agro nature from last week's episode (remember when he threatened to bash Jonathan Holloway's face? Yeah, that happened) and tossed out insults, while also stating how sick he was of everyone's drama. Hi, Joe, you're this season's most dramatic focal point.

One question remains: Is there any chance of Joe being able to redeem himself? We all remember the genial version we saw of him during Kaitlyn Bristowe's The Bachelorette. As one who is always fond of second chances, I feel Joe could redeem himself if — and only IF — he takes a few integral steps. I'm going to hold out hope that Joe can put a halt to his villainy. If not, I guess this will be me by the end of his run on Season 2:

Let's get started, shall we?

1. He Needs To Apologize To Juelia

This is first and foremost. Look, dude, I understand that this is technically a "competition" of sorts, but the level of manipulation and deceit pulled on Juelia truly crossed a line. Telling someone you are "here for" them only to later make disparaging comments on their intellect — and subsequently forgetting their freaking name — is just Bad News Bears. Give that woman the apology she deserves, and we'll all be like:

2. He Needs To Cool It With The Violent Threats

Someone call the agro police! Yikes. Threatening to bash your fellow contestants' skulls in and whatnot isn't the way to gain any lauds, Joe.

3. He Needs To Never Make This Face Again

That demonic "gimme that rose" look needs to just cease and desist. I felt like I was re-watching an episode of Dexter during that moment.

4. This Face Needs To Happen More Often

The most likable moment from Joe thus far this season is the part where he has a slackened jaw and is toting a pineapple in the glorious '80s-themed intro.

5. He Needs To Be Honest With Samantha

Obviously, we can't know as of yet whether Samantha was aware of Joe's deceit from the get — but it doesn't appear that she had a clue. Joe needs to come clean with the lady he's allegedly so entranced by, and — once again — apologize.

6. He Needs To Tip Jorge

Jorge is otherwise known as the nicest bartender OF ALL TIME. While everyone has been enjoying many a libation from paradise's open bar, Jorge has been quick with a smile and some truly on fleek advice. Someone needs to tip this angel on earth, and — as the resident villain — Joe should do this as a step toward a better image.

7. He Needs To Buy Everyone Sunblock & Aloe

Seriously, is anyone on BiP using sunblock? It seems like the entire cast gets progressively more crimson each hour, and I'm legitimately concerned over here. Want to be a hero, Joe? Arm yourself with the highest SPF imaginable and bestow it upon all your fellow cast members who — for the most part — think you are THE WORST right now.

I think I've made my point. Here's to hoping this season's villain can turn into a hero.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (2)