Xtina GIFs To Get You Excited For Fall

If you're like me, summer has a way of losing its novelty by the time August rolls around. Then again, I'm a ginger who requires SPF 100 and has a coif that grows exponentially at the slightest hint of humidity — so I may be a bit biased. Despite my opposition to high-degree temperatures, I submit that there is no denying that — as far as seasons go — Fall reigns supreme. The leaves become a confection of warm hues, the temperature diminishes to a mild crispness, and pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu. Depending on your preference, Autumn may or may not be your favorite season. Perhaps you're dreading the start of a new school year, or simply aren't ready to bid your beach days adieu.

Regardless of your opinion on the upcoming season, I am here to bestow upon you a collection of GIFs that will get you psyched for Fall. As GIFs go, there are few better subjects to utilize than one Ms. Christina Aguilera. The pop star's illustrious career has offered us a plethora of GIF-able moments that — strange as it may seem — are perfect for helping anyone get geared up for Autumn. In case you doubt me, I have compiled some Aguilera GIFs below that will have you ready to ditch the swimsuits, and start donning some fashionable scarves.

1. For Autumn Sassiness

Just because the temperature is going down doesn't mean your sass level won't keep burning red-hot.

2. For The Love Of Changing Leaves

Let Aguilera's multicolored coif remind you of the glory that is Autumn foliage.

3. For Halloween Preparation

We are one step closer to dressing up as our favorite superhero, monster, pop star, or wine bottle (yes, this type of costume exists), so you better get amped!

4. For When You're Prepping For The First Exam Of The Semester

If you get can fight through the first arduous study session, the rest of the semester should be a piece of cake.

5. For Voluminous Hairstyles...

...that won't become warped by humidity.

6. For The Love Of Knit Hats

Knit hats, fashionable scarves, and layers are all coming back into the fold. YAS!

7. For If I Haven't Convinced You Of Fall's Awesomeness

In case you are still groaning at the thought of summer ending, remember that Southern California is always available.

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