Will Maddie Be On 'Dance Moms' Season 6? The Dancer Might Take Her Talents Elsewhere

There have been quite a few rumors about the future of Dance Moms. At first fans were wondering if Abby Lee Miller would return? I mean, how could it be Dance Moms without the woman behind Abby Lee Dance Company? Answer: it couldn't. And it really wouldn't. But there's another question that's haunting fans of the reality series — after a huge year that catapulted her into stardom and a guest starring role on Pretty Little Liars — we’re all wondering, will Maddie Ziegler return for Dance Moms Season 6?

Some big changes to the reality series have already been confirmed. Executive producer Jeff Collins said Season 6 will be filmed at Abby Lee Dance Company Los Angeles. And, producer Bryan Stinson tweeted a call for new dancers to audition in July.

So, who is leaving the show? Could it be Maddie? If so, the new girl has some pretty big pointe shoes to fill. It does make sense that Maddie would leave the show. After all, the Ziegler girls and Nia Frazier are the only remaining original cast members. Maddie has also been super busy with opportunities outside of Dance Moms, like acting as Sia’s mini muse, performing at The Grammys, appearing on other TV shows, and modeling for Capezio — to name a few!

Maddie hasn’t exactly committed to Season 6, either. The dancer told MTV Australia she wasn't sure what her Season 6 plans were. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen for Season 6. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, so it just depends,” she said. So, if Maddie isn’t on Dance Moms, what will she be doing? I've got some ideas.

1. She Could Appear In More Music Videos

Her music video repertoire is expansive. Maddie's Sia music videos — “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” — have more than 1 billion views on YouTube. She also has appeared in Todrick Hall’s “Freaks Like Me” video.

2. Her Acting Career Could Take Off

Maddie has appeared on Drop Dead Diva , Austin & Ally , and Pretty Little Liars. Why couldn’t she get more screen time?

3. She Could Focus On Her Modeling Career

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From fronting Capezio’s Betsey Johnson collaboration to appearing in Target’s back to school ad campaign, Maddie’s face is everywhere. And, she looks awesome.

4. She Could Get Her Own Show

OK, nothing has been confirmed, or really even been rumored. But, who wouldn’t want to watch this poised, talented little lady on her own reality show?

5. She May Accomplish Her Dream Of Performing On Broadway

Maddie had eight callbacks for the Broadway show Billy Elliot, but, in the end, was unable to pursue the opportunity because it would conflict with Dance Moms. Maddie's already revealed that it's her dream to appear on Broadway, maybe she wants to devote more time to that goal.

6. She May Take Her Talents To The Big Screen

Once again, there is no concrete evidence to support this. But, with Maddie's impressive resumé, a movie — or a dance movie like the Step Up franchise — could be the perfect next move for the dancer. It'd just make sense.

Obviously, I'm excited to see where Maddie's career will take her — I just hope she'll find time to dance across my TV screen for old time's sake.

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